Stepmom Fills In Biological Mom's Role For 19 Years; Receives Priceless Surprise Gift From Daughters On Her Birthday

By OIivia Etienne, Parent Herald April 08, 07:41 am

Diana Gopear married Dennis Gopear in 1998 with two girls in tow and unlike in some fairytale stories, the stepmom did not become the cruel antagonist for the young sisters. Nineteen years down the line after taking care of them like her own, Diana was surprised on her birthday of something no material gift could come at par -- her stepdaughters asking to legally adopt them.

On her 46th birthday, Diana received a giftwrapped pen and a note from one of her stepdaughters, Emily. The 20-year-old wrote a heart-wrenching note that showed all her appreciation for taking care of them through the years.

"Without you, I wouldn't be the woman I am today. You cheered me out through my goals in life," the note read. "You are an amazing woman, you are so beautiful, hardworking and loving."

After reading though the touching letter, the mom received the adoption papers, ready for her to sign. Emily's older sister, Christina, had Diana signed her own adoption papers a day after. The elder sister even got down on one knee to ask Diana.

The elder sister told ABC News that Diana only need to receive the recognition she deserves. Despite her being a "rough child," Christina said that her stepmom never gave up on her even during the lowest of her days.

"I had no idea they were doing it. It was the best birthday ever," the matriarch said. "I always felt like they were my own. There was no difference. My heart is very full."

Children surprising their foster parents has become a popular way to express their gratitude in taking care of them. The Pennsylvania sisters were not alone in doing this touching act. Last year, Huffington Post shared that a 22-year-old woman also did the same to her stepfather who came into their lives when she was eight years old.

Adoption papers may be a touching gift for foster parents, but with or without this, it is heart-melting to know that for these children, nothing entirely changes as they already felt the true love even if they are not really related by blood.

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