Late Motherhood Produces Smarter, Holistically Healthier Babies; Elongates Mom's Life

By Olivia Etienne, Parent Herald April 06, 12:04 pm

The prime years of childbearing, over the previous decades, used to lean towards young age. The younger, the better, so they say. Yet, a growing body of work proves it otherwise. Pregnancy at later years may pose risks for both mom and baby but there are also few proven benefits to delay baby-making.

Baby boomers' dictum of childbearing is to have them in her late teenage years to early 20s, so her offspring will get to live healthier and live longer. However, there is a shift in the early 2000s — women who delay pregnancy until their mid-ages tends to have smarter babies, according to New York Times.

This premise was based on the mothers' health condition. A study from Britain published in International Journal of Epidemiology found out that cognitive ability of children with older moms (aged 35-39 years) is higher compared to those whose moms were aged 25-28 years.

According to the study, at that mature age, mothers are able to prepare their bodies to become healthier for childrearing. Also, chances of older moms to be smoking at that age are less. They are also found out to have higher successful rates of breastfeeding compared to their younger counterparts.

Moms who bore children at early to mid-30s are found out to be more accomplished in their careers or studies, and this gives a feeling of security not only for herself but for the entire family as well. Positive parenting attitudes were also said to be another reason older moms are thriving as a parent.

In a study conducted in Denmark, older moms were seen to be more emotionally bending and understanding of their children's complex attitudes. This bore positive effects on the children's behavioural, social and emotional health.

Moreover, mothers who bore children during their mid-ages were found out to live longer than younger moms. The 2016 study conducted by University of California San Diego School of Medicine researchers debunked the centuries-strong belief that motherhood is better at early age. In fact, moms who delay pregnancy were found out to live as old as 95-years-old compared to those who had children below 33 years old.

At what age did you have your first child? Let us known if your thoughts about the newfound data regarding motherhood by commenting below!

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