How To Raise Kids Into Better Adults: The Three Traits Parents Need To Instill

By Olivia Etienne, Parent Herald April 05, 11:21 am

One of the biggest challenges parents often face is learning how to raise children into good adults. Truly, there is no sure-shot formula in teaching kids to become good-hearted, functional grown-ups but it pays to know a few essentials that can go handy for every parent.

According to Stuff, there are a few attributes that kids need to foster in order to grow equipped for life's reality. One of these is the possession of an inquisitive mind. Cultivating a child's curiosity leads for a thirst in seeking answers, and in turn, helping the child acquire more knowledge.

In fact, University of California-Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center said that it is curiosity that makes people thrive. Not to mention, love for learning provides a plethora of benefits such as happiness, sense of empathy, fulfillment, and it improves a person's health and even relationships.

Children also need to be financially literate in order to be wary of life's money-centric reality. This, however, does not necessarily mean that kids should think that money matters the most.

As early as possible, kids should be aware of how money functions in real life so that when they grow up, they will know its value. The goal is to instill the value of frugality and hardwork. Starting with a piggy bank often results in success if done consistently.

Parents may also want to develop their children's ability to pursue trying again after an obstacle. Independent reported that in 1989, the first in-depth research about resiliency was conducted and it was found out that it was the driving force that paved way to success.

In the 32-year research, subjects were studied from birth until their mid-age years and a third of them were from the lowest of the lows. Despite their risk backgrounds, a few managed to become successful in adulthood, all thanks to an "internal locus of control," otherwise known as resiliency or the ability to bounce back.

Hence, if a child tumbles down after his bike crashed, encourage him to stand up again and try until he learns how to ride it seamlessly. Resiliency is helpful for children to learn and this holds even truer for adults because life is a constant cycle of falling back down and standing up again.

What traits do you think children need in order to become better adults? Share it to us by commenting your thoughts below!

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