How George Clooney's Outlook On Marriage And Children Changed After Meeting Wife Amal

Everyone in Hollywood says George Clooney became a changed man after meeting and marrying his wife Amal Alammudin Clooney. The former Most Eligible Bachelor is set to welcome his first-born twins this summer when he once said he doesn't have that parenting gene in him.

Clooney expressed in an exclusive with Esquire in January 2014, and months before meeting Amal, he had "no aspirations" to marry. Having gone through a bad marriage in 1989, the actor and philanthropist admitted believing he's not good in a marriage. In September that year, Clooney exchanged vows with Amal following a whirlwind courtship that started in the summer.

Clooney was also once quoted saying having kids is a big responsibility and he's not up to the task. "I don't have that thing in me that says, 'must do it.' I don't see myself ever having kids," he told People. Fast forward to 2017 and Clooney's reps announced he and Amal are preparing for the birth of the twins in the summer. Clooney's friends noticed he's mellowed down with his pranks since confirming he's going to be a dad, Parent Herald reported.

The "Ocean's 11" star said he knew he "wanted to spend the rest of my life with Amal" when he met her, as per Marie Claire. His proposal took her by surprise.

Meanwhile, Clooney got plenty of advice from his pals and other parents of twins with the impending arrival of his babies. Monaco's Prince Albert, himself a dad of two, told the actor to store up energy now by sleeping a lot. He also recommended Clooney reads Joe Rawlinson's "A Dad's Guide To Twins," as per Female First.

The expecting parents plan to raise their kids in London in their first few years, as per E! News. Amal, who is an international human rights lawyer, works for the Doughty Street Chambers located in the city.

It's not confirmed, however, if the children will also attend school in London once they are old enough. The Clooneys travel a lot for work and they also have properties in California and Italy, among other places.

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