Why Sheryl Crowe Believes She's A Rockstar Mom To Her Adopted Kids

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald May 03, 04:00 am

Music superstar Sheryl Crowe believes she's a rockstar mom to her two adopted kids, Wyatt, 9, and Levi, 7. Despite her fame, the singer manages to keep her life very private as she does errands and duties for her children in their hometown in music country Nashville.

Crowe, 55, revealed via Rolling Stone that despite her career as a singer and composer, she's busy with her children first and foremost. In fact, she willingly gave up touring for now so she can do school drop-offs like a regular mom.

"I made a record I love between school drop-off and dinnertime," she proudly said. "Not many rock stars can say that."

Crowe shared she made her children her priority following two health scares -- a breast cancer diagnosis in 2006 and a benign brain tumor diagnosis in 2011. "I don't think about whether my cancer's coming back or if my brain tumor's growing or anything like that," she said. "My objective is to be here as long as I can for [my kids] and to enjoy every second of it."

It was a "Bring my Kids to Work" morning.

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Crowe said because of the diagnoses, she became aware of what she really wanted in her life; to grab this goal while it's still possible. So, she decided adoption was the way to go and she was determined to raise her two boys even as a single parent.

The singer told People in February she doesn't believe marriage is a requirement for raising kids. She, however, has not closed the doors on dating completely and she will wine and dine when the right one comes.

The mom also admitted she's highly protective of her children. She's known for keeping their faces off her social media accounts even when she occasionally shares their photos.

She also keeps a strict screen time rule at home as the boys are only allowed 30 minutes of TV or iPad time, ABC News reported. Watch Sheryl Crowe talk about being a mom in the video below.

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