Salma Hayek's Daughter Valentina Shows Sharp Business Sense Just Like Her Parents [VIDEO]

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald May 01, 04:00 am

Salma Hayek's daughter Valentina truly takes after her parents. The 9-year-old shows she's got a sharp business sense and creativity after making slimes she now sells in her school.

Hayek revealed Valentina learned slime-making at home and she already came up with 40 different recipes, as per People. Valentina also taught her classmates how to create homemade slimes and some even offered to buy her creations, thus came the business venture.

Hayek said her daughter has ingenuity. The mom also expressed she's more impressed her 9-year-old stuck with the slime-making hobby and made it something bigger.

"I love it that she's into chemistry and she has the creativity to do her own creations and experiments and it's very tactile so it's cool," Hayek said. "I'm impressed, I didn't know she was going to go this far with it." Below is a video Hayek shared on her Instagram of one of Valentina's slime creations.

It's not surprising to know Valentina has creative talent and a business acumen. After all, her parents are well-known for being an artist and a mogul.

Hayek, aside from being a Hollywood superstar, is also a producer, entrepreneur and an activist. Her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault, runs a billion-dollar fashion empire, Kering. The company distributes luxury retail brands like Gucci, Alexander McQueen and Saint Laurent Paris globally.

Meanwhile, Valentina isn't the only kid hooked on slime-making and selling their creations. Kids across America are getting in on the craze, which grew popular during the last winter, according to Boston Globe.

Since the children remained stuck indoors due to various winter storms, they turned to slime-making tutorials on the internet to keep themselves entertained. Some kids even devised their own slime lab at home as they've started running their own business, just like Valentina.

Parents, however, need to watch over their kids when slime-making after a 12-year-old suffered burns from mixing the ingredients, as Parent Herald reported. They need to see to it that the kids are wearing gloves and protective goggles, as well as ensure the children follow instructions carefully.

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