Blanket Jackson Abandoned? Paris Jackson Worries For 15-Year-Old Brother's Welfare As He's Raising Himself Without Adults

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald April 18, 04:00 am

The youngest of Michael Jackson's kids, Blanket Jackson, is living all alone and raising himself without adults. Blanket's sister Paris Jackson says she's worried for her brother's welfare as he's left to fend for himself.

Blanket, also known as Bigi, still attends school at Buckley's in Sherman Oaks as a ninth grader. He's all by himself, however, without adults looking after his needs in a seven-bedroom mansion in Calabasas.

"If you call a bowl of cereal or a Snickers bar a meal, then I guess he's OK," a source told Page Six. Blanket has the services of a part-time chef, at least three housekeepers and security but he has no one without the concern and compassion for the family. He has no one to help him with school work or give parental guidance, according to his sister Paris.

Blanket's legal guardian, grandmother Katherine Jackson, left California for London at least three months ago. Blanket's other guardian, cousin T.J. Jackson, does the parent-teacher meetings at the 15-year-old's school but he lives 40 minutes away from the Calabasas residence. He and his wife can only check up on Blanket from time to time.

Despite the situation, Blanket is apparently doing well in school with nearly straight A's, as per TMZ.  Paris, on the other hand, believes someone is making sure to control 86-year-old Katherine and her finances. She believes her grandmother has no idea of Blanket's current state, which is why Katherine has not cut her London trip.

Paris, 19, lives in a smaller house at another compound 20 minutes away from Blanket. She's setting her career in Hollywood. The eldest brother, Prince, 20, meanwhile is away for college at the Loyola Marymount University.

Blanket was only 7-years-old when his famous dad died in 2009. Conceived via IVF, and his mom's identity was not declared on his birth certificate, according to Daily Mirror.

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