Mom Liv Tyler Talks About Dads: Fathers Are Important For Children's Self-Esteem

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald May 06, 04:00 am

Actress Liv Tyler is a hands-on mom to three kids — Milo, 12, Sailor, two, and Lula, 21 months. They are the center of her universe but the mom believes fathers have an important part in building a child's self-esteem.

The actress recently talked about her thoughts on fatherhood with GQ Dad. Tyler grew up with two fathers — her biological dad, Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler, and her stepfather or the man she first came to know as her dad, Todd Rundgren.

Tyler said fathers impact their children in a different way than mothers. "Fathers are very, very important in building the foundations and self-esteem of children," the mom said. "Courtesy and manners are really key and I think the father plays a big role in setting an example to children in how to behave out in the world and how to treat people."

Tyler's first-born, Milo, is also growing up around a stepfather, the actress' husband David Gardner. But Milo is close to his real dad, Tyler's first husband Royston Langdon, whom she amicably divorced in 2008, Daily Mail reported.

Meanwhile, Tyler's younger children with Gardner are starring in the new Gap Kids ad campaign with their mom called, "Mama Said." Tyler co-directed the short film that features other actresses and supermodel moms and their children, as per Telegraph.

The "Lord of the Rings" star also has a message for every parent working hard to raise kids. "The most important thing is just to be you and to try to engage with your child," the mom-of-three advised.

Her kids are not keenly aware of their mom's celebrity status just yet. Milo has seen some of her movies but for the most part, Tyler said she's basically just the mom telling the kids to brush their teeth, reading those bedtime stories or watching them play ball with their dad.

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