Father And Son Recreate An Awkward Bath Time Throwback Photo Without Clothes On

By Olivia Etienne, Parent Herald May 02, 04:00 am

Awkward family photos are nothing new on the internet, but a recent entry from a father-and-son duo could be considered one for the books. The pair recreated an old photo that tried to capture a bonding moment in a tub with both of them stripped naked.

Tyler Walker based in Oregon posted a photo of him and his father on Facebook, showing their new take on an old photo. Walker posed atop on his seemingly naked father, while he wore nothing, not even an underwear.

At first glance, it was hard to notice that the father wore something for his bottoms, but much to other people's gladness, he did. Daily Mail reported that Tyler's father, Charles, laughed in the photo while Tyler maintained a faint baby smile.

Tyler included a caption in his photo and said: "We've both grown up a bit." As of writing, the photo already garnered a total of 70,053 shares on the social media site with nearly 30,000 comments.

Since Tyler posted the photo on April 28, the photo received over 20,000 reactions. A large chunk of reactions included "haha."

Most of the comments expressed disbelief on the duo's bravery to post the photo on Facebook. According to Metro, one Facebook user commented that the photo, which was supposed to be hilarious, "scarred him for life."

"I'm going to wash my eyes with gasoline now," another user commented. One commenter added that the picture was not appropriate in any way at all.

Bath time moments were famous among families who recreate their old pictures. In a separate Daily Mail report, three of the featured hilarious throwback photos remake included siblings reminiscing their fun bubbly days.

What do you think of these family throwback recreations? Does your family have one, too? Let us know by commenting your thoughts below!

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