Twin Toddlers Suffer Lead Poisoning After Exposure To Lead-Based Paint Of Rental House's Interior; Family Moving Out Soon?

Twin toddlers who were residing in a rental house in Forest City have been tested positive for lead after they were exposed to the lead-based paint of the interior of their house. Experts said lead can affect almost every system in the child's body hence, the mother warns other parents like her to be aware of this matter before deciding to rent a house or an apartment.

Mommy Ashley Crawford only knew the lead levels of her twin daughter and son after they went to see their doctor for a regular checkup. She did not expect the findings as the twins did not show any symptoms of being poisoned.

After hearing the news, health department went over to the twins' rented house and tested the rental home. They found out that the paint used on the entire interior of the house has lead. Crawford said the house, which they rented for two years, has actually a nursery closet floor that has lead included in it.

"When you have a baby and you bring it home, you think about diapers and wipes and gas," mom Crawford said, the Western North Carolina ABC13 News has learned. "You don't think, my baby is going to get poisoned from the home I live in," she added.

The health officials ordered Crawford's rental house landlord to remediate the whole exterior and interior of the house. The landlord immediately took action and told Crawford to move out while they clean the house and would just let them move back when the cleanup is done.

Despite the toddlers' lead levels and lead exposure, however, Crawford has hoped to remain in the house as she cannot find a similar home like that of their present one. Crawford said she has been looking all over their place for another house but couldn't find a comparable house just like the Lazo's rental house for $600 per month.

The Lazo did not offer Crawford any extension, They even filed an eviction notice, which orders them to move out until Jan. 3, 2017.

The Lazo explained their reason for filing an eviction notice. Lazo's daughter said they don't want Crawford's children to be further exposed so they want her to just go.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported at least 4 million households have toddlers living them that are being exposed to high levels of lead. Experts said this lead exposure among children can trigger critical health issues, which include affecting the development of a kid's brain.


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