How To Teach Children That Parenting Is Not Only For Girls, Learn From Dad’s Experience

His dad has taught an Australian little boy that parenting is not only for the woman after the toddler has become obsessed with playing with a doll. The toddler's fondness for 'girl' toys is supported by his father, gifting the toddler with a pink stroller so that he can walk around his baby doll Bubba. The toddler's dad noted that little girls and boys should know that it is okay to be whatever they want to be.

Knox Kearns has been found out lately by his dad, Brad Kearns, playing happily with a doll which he called "Bubba." However, his dad did mind it till the kid's mom said that one of the toddler's gifts that they have to buy is a toy pram so that Knox could push his doll toy around. The idea made the toddler's dad turn up his nose and asked why they would get their son a toy pram.

His dad, who writes in DadMum about teaching kids the importance of moms and dads sharing their responsibilities as parents and respecting women, got confused why he did the reaction.

"Why did I do that? What's wrong with a little boy having a pram and a baby?" Brad wrote in DadMum Facebook page. He added that he was going against the most of the things he preached and he did not even mean to. He just assumed that a pink toy was not a boy's toy, he furthered.

He realized later on that boys should be taught even in early years that parenting is not only the job of moms. He said no wonder some little boys grow up thinking parenting is a woman's job.

So Knox was taught by his dad that parenting isn't for girls only by buying him a pink pram. "Our little boys and girls need to know it's okay to be whatever they want to be," the Pop Sugar quoted the toddler's dad as saying.

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