What Are Google’s Top-Searched Diet Plans For 2016 That One Should Never Try This New Year?

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald January 02, 09:05 am

Google's top-searched diets for 2016 were "extreme" approaches, a registered dietitian and nutritionist said. Cynthia Sass listed the top-searched diets in Google for the year 2016 along with brief descriptions and her own ideas on why those diets were most searched on the internet, as well as what millennials should consider when thinking of employing a diet plan for 2017.

Sass named Google's most searched diets for 2016 and listed them on the website of Health. However, Sass said people should not try any of those diets as they are "extreme" approaches instead of healthy.

Listed below are the most searched diets in Google for 2016, which Sass strongly advised people against trying those said weight loss methods as they are not healthy anymore. To help make things light, Sass shared points to consider when thinking of following a diet plan this 2017.

The GOLO Diet is one of the approaches that are included on the list. This diet is fashioned to help reverse insulin resistance, reshape body, boost weight loss, lower metabolic age and eliminate belly fat. The GOLO website reported a research that has shown participants losing an average of 14.5 inches and 2 dress sizes in just 90 days, according to Highya.

Another method is the Taco Diet, which is made after its makers started eating nothing but vegetable tacos straight for 30 days. Though makers do not promise any weight loss, they said the approach will "reward the body with what it craves-tacos" as opposed to a strict diet that leaves one feeling hungry and cranky, Fox News Health has learned.

The Military Diet Substitute claims one can lose 10 pounds in one week without prescriptions or strenuous exercise. It works by simply swapping the food that one is intolerant or not to one's liking with different foods that counts the same quantity of calories. This diet is fashioned to kick start one's metabolism, burn fat and lose some weights fast.

Other diets she listed were Atkins 40, Ketogenic Diet Foods, Dissociated Diet, The Wild Diet, Pizza Diet, Dukan Diet Results and Mono Diet. Sass said those diets took the top spots because every diet plan is pretty radical.

Sass also noted that based on her experience, when somebody feels motivated to look for a diet, they are seeing for either a fast fix or a very simple approach that they can implement easily and learn fast. With this, she gave some advice to people who want to see fast results in order to adopt a diet.

According to Sass, people should listen to their instincts. They should consider every possible approach before deciding to commit to any diet. Lastly, a person may just need to cut out all the surplus treats and get back to healthy eating in order to lose weight and not necessarily do extreme approaches as suggested by those top-searched diets in Google.

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