Donald Trump’s Presidency Ending The Dreams Of Many International Students?

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald January 15, 10:31 pm

In spite of the Brexit vote bringing deterrent effect on both higher education students and staff enrolling or working at the higher education institutions in the United Kingdom, the recent presidential election is said to cause a similar impact on the decision of international students to stop studying in the U.S. The report is an econometric analysis that provided forecasts about future demands based on historic trends.

A major analysis of future international students' demand in the U.K. through London Economics published by the Higher Education Policy Institute showed the possibility of a decline in international students after Donald Trump's election. Trump's tone on immigration was also reportedly leading to a potential tightening of visa policy.

Martha J. Kanter, President Barack Obama's former higher education leader and Department of Education undersecretary, told Times Higher Education that the potential banning of foreign student enrollment was one of the key themes for higher education. Such theme was feared to be a threat to international relationships, as expressed by several college students in the U.S.

Trump reportedly angered China over Taiwan because of such controversy in education. One-third of international students in the United States were from China and such issue could possibly build a wall between the two nations in the future.

The implications from the tone of the election campaign do not just rest in the deterioration of international relationships but also the abolishment of some dreams of students from overseas, as reported by CNBC. Some students choose to study in the U.S. because of their desire to have an international experience that gives them the ability to engage with the larger community.

Allan Goodman, president of the U.S.-based Institute of International Education, said that many American institutions provide their own foreign policy. This way, many campus representatives could continue to reach out to students while letting them know that they are welcome.

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