Bank of America Offers Opportunities That Could Help Employers Have Both Financial and Personal Stability

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald December 23, 10:46 am

Pushing one's self too hard just to earn enough money is what parents would want to do for their family. With this goal, the time allotted to bond with their family decreases building gaps between each member. This reason is what pushed Bank of America to create new policies that could help parents reach not just their financial goals but also their personal goals.

Bank of America is one of the companies willing to give opportunities for their employees that could help them have more quality time with their families. That is through parental leave policies they issue even to those that belongs to the LGBTQ community.

This policy does not just work for the employees alone but also for the company as well. With this opportunity, employees are assured that there is someone behind their back as they want to improve their personal and family lives. At the same time, it could attract more talents and help employees become more productive bringing more income for the company too.

Arden Canecchia, one of the employees of the Bank of America, shared through Advocate how blessed he is with the benefits Bank of America has given to him. "Bank of America's generous parental leave policies, including those for adoptive and LGBTQ parents, have in a sense given me the gift of time, allowing me to help the boys settle into their new lives," Arden Canecchia said in the interview. He also added that without the "gift of time" issued by the company, his family could have not possibly survived the most confusing moment of their lives.

Other than parental leave, Bank of America also offers other policies for the family. It includes reimbursements for adoption and child policies, which could benefit families with adopted children. Second, it also offers 24/7 employee assistance for parenting. And lastly, the company also gives unlimited information and counseling through Parents & Caregivers Network, which could be a great help for new parents.

Canecchia encourages companies to follow the steps that Bank of America is creating for their employees. "Because when you work for a living, it is great to know your job is rooting for you, in your corner, helping you to reach your personal goals too," he said.'

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