Prince William Envies Prince Harry and 'Suits' Actress Meghan Markle's Relationship? Prince Harry Wrong To Make Feelings Public?

By Ella Rozic, Parent Herald November 30, 03:11 am

The relationship between Prince Harry and "Suits" actress Meghan Markle broke in several tabloids and media outlets and it garnered a mix of reactions including the Duke of Cambridge's, Prince William. Reports suggest that after Prince Harry made his feelings towards Markle public, his brother, Prince William, was not positively supporting the idea.

Prince Harry released a public statement which confirmed the speculations about his relationship with the American TV star Meghan Markle. He also asked the media to restrain covering Markle's private life which according to USA Today, broke the royal norms.

The statement was issued by the Kensington Palace last Nov 8. It accused several media outlets of pestering the actress and her family by releasing false write-ups about them.

There were several reports saying that the Duke of Cambridge did not support his actions and sees it as something "wrong". Supporters of Prince Harry and Markle expressed their views on the matter saying that Prince William is just envious of Prince Harry who they dubbed as the more popular and kinder brother of the royal family.

A source told the International Business Times that Prince Harry's statement reportedly contained too much information. His action of issuing a public statement was a mistake and his brother Prince William believes that this will place him in a difficult position sooner, no matter the outcome of his relationship with Markle.

In Prince Harry's statement, he emphasized a wave of harassment was done to his confirmed girlfriend. He even described this harassment as very public as it reached several headlines and front pages.

Tabloid and media outlets targeted Meghan Markle after several speculations came out about her dating the royal prince. But what made Prince Harry issue the statement? According to him, the line has been crossed since the "news" did not only touched their love affair but targeted Markle's color and sexuality.

However, the 34-year-old Prince William released his own statement denying the speculations and assuring his support for Prince Harry's choice. Prince William said that "he understands the situation and supports" his brother's action of protecting the person (Meghan Markle) most important to him.

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