‘I am a better teacher because parenting helps me’: Professor Shares How Parenting Has Helped Her Become Better Educator

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald November 30, 08:44 am

Can parenting be applied in work? One teacher shares how parenting has helped her become a better school teacher, saying 'I am a better teacher because parenting helps me be more patient and understanding.' Bethany Lee, the English assistant professor for seven years in Westville, has lately become a mom, which she said has helped her in her career and the several roles she portrays.

"I am a better teacher because parenting helps me recognize how many other things students have going on in their lives," Bethan Lee said to Purdue Northwest Pioneer. Now she applies everything she learned from being a parent in her work and the other roles that she plays.

Just recently, Bethany Lee, an assistant professor of English, gave birth to her child and finally became a mom. In parenting her child, Lee has learned many things which according to her have helped become more efficient and better in teaching at a school.

Parenting has made her more considerate, and her patient became stretched. She also has learned to be more aware of the many things going on in the life of a child. All these learnings of becoming a parent she applied and integrated into her work as a teacher.

Today, she has become a better educator, and that is because of parenting. Lee said parenting has helped her be more understanding and patient. Also, it has helped her know different things were happening in the lives of her students.

A co-worker has proven the efficiency of Professor Lee. Jerry Holt, an associate professor of English, said that Professor Lee is a tireless worker who puts students in the center of everything she does. Holt added that Westville has been very enriched by having the professor, her classes, her drama productions and her service to their community, which has been exemplary.

All those efforts of Professor Lee have been worthy as just last summer; she received the Outstanding Faculty Award for Teaching. The award was given to her for all her investments in her students, school, and the entire community.

Lee took up bachelor's degree in the University of Texas in 199 and after took master's degree in literary studies in the same school in 2002. In 2009, she took up doctorate in English in the University of North Texas, according to Purdue Northwest University. Before teaching in Westville, she first took a job in Lane College at Tennessee.

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