‘The Flash’ Crossover Episode Recap: Is Barry To Trust After His Message From 2056?

By Keira Waldorf, Parent Herald November 30, 10:08 am

"The Flash" crossover episode is filled with action and drama between Barry and his newly formed team of superheroes. There were also a couple of revelations, including Barry's futuristic message and Snart's death. Here is a recap of what happened in last night's episode of "The Flash" Season 3.

"The Flash" Season 3 Episode 8 saw the debut of the Dominators, a new alien race who have mind controlling powers. The new aliens are huge and strong so Barry and his S.T.A.R. Labs team are well aware that they cannot fight the new enemies alone. Barry knew that the best way to have a better chance to defeat them is to call on his superhero friends in this special "The Flash" crossover episode.

Barry was able to gather Supergirl, Arrow, John Diggle, Thea Queen, White Canary, Firestorm, Heat Wave and Atom but Snart is missing and it's only now that Barry learned that he is dead. The supposedly exciting meeting of all superheroes in Central City also turned somewhat awkward when Cisco can't keep his despise for Barry. Felicity was quick to notice that so Cisco revealed that he still cannot forgive Barry for changing the timeline that killed his brother.

Elsewhere, Dr. Martin Stein and Jax decided to reveal Barry's message from 2056 and Oliver was also there to listen to the mysterious sound clip. The future Barry revealed that he will do something that will alter the timeline in the future so they should not trust the Barry that they will meet when he comes back. Confusing?

It is still not revealed what exactly will Barry do before 2056 but our favorite superhero is now realizing how dangerous time travelling is especially when everyone found out about the truth. Apparently, Cisco heard the clip when they left so he revealed the secret message to the rest of the superheroes. Sara and Cisco both lost their siblings and they are the ones most affected about Flashpoint.

Diggle was also upset when he found out that he had a daughter but the rest did not say a word. Kara, being the sweetest superhero, assured Barry that she trusts him. And luckily, Oliver stayed and helped Barry understand that what he did is to save his mother and not harm any of his friends. Superheroes make mistakes and "it's part of the job" according to Oliver.

Now back to the Dominators, well, they abducted the president and used their mind controlling technology to turn Kara, Diggle, Sara, Thea, Firestorm, Atom and Heat Wave against Barry and Oliver. The Flash was almost killed and thanks to Wally as his stubbornness saved his friend. However, he also turned as a casualty when he was attacked by Supergirl.

The Flash then lured Supergirl in a race and used her invincible body to crash against the mind controlling device, releasing all of his friends from the Dominators' control. However, just before "The Flash" crossover episode ended, the aliens were able to capture Oliver, Thea, Diggle, Firestorm, Atom and White Canary. The story will continue in tonight's episode of "Arrow" Season 5.

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