'Moana' LATEST Review: Disney Movie Criticized Because Of Body Shaming! [DETAILS HERE]

By Paul Urban, Parent Herald December 02, 05:27 am

The 2016 Disney movie, "Moana" is critically acclaimed for its portrayal of a strong woman and with how she successfully fought her battles. "Moana" is a movie unlike any other as it revolves around the adventures of the main character without any prince charming in sight. However, "Moana" is also criticized for body shaming.

According to New York Post, the particular issue with "Moana" is the movie's portrayal of the demigod Maui. Maui is shown as an enormous and obese demigod but with a good heart. This has been affecting natives of Polynesia where obesity cases rate among one of the highest in the world.

Disney apparently pulled all stops to make the movie culturally appropriate. It went through intense research by filmmakers traveling to the Pacific and met with anthropologists, historians, fishermen and linguists.

In more ways than one, Maui was clearly bigger and larger than life. Disney planned for the character to be smaller and bald. However, animators try to find the essence of the character and exaggerate the features a little further.

Disney wanted for Maui to appear bigger and stronger. In spite of his size, Maui gets to move with lightness and agility. In this regard, it is hoped that the Pacific Islanders see "Moana" and the character Maui with an open-mindedness.

The movie, however is taken differently by New Zealand politician Marama Fox. She said she still doesn't like to think that Maui's character representation is still inappropriate cultural misappropriation.

With this, she knows that her nine kids would still want to see the movie in spite of her criticism. She said she can't keep her kids away from singing Maori and Polynesians.

As added by Yahoo Style, Salesa, another New Zealand politician describes "Moana's" supporting character, Maui as fat and obese. This may get children wrong messages about their bodies. She said Disney movies are influential to children.

It is disappointing that Maui, considered to be one of the most beloved historical ancestors who is known for his strength is depicted to be overweight in the movie. However, she still thinks that "Moana" is the lead of the movie, even having the entire movie named after her.

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