'Pet' LATEST Review: If Locking Up A Love Interest In A Cage Is Interesting, This Movie Is A Must Watch! [DETAILS HERE]

By Paul Urban, Parent Herald December 02, 05:33 am

Another addition to the thriller week for movies is "Pet." The movie "Pet" revolves around one obsessed, socially inept man who fell in love with a girl. He began to stalk him and upon capture, locked her up in a cage like of the animals in the shelter he is working for. He treats this girl like one of animal pets because this is the only way he can keep her. The movie shows how he got dumped and turned down by the same girl after his many attempts.

According to Dread Central, "Pet" tells the story of Seth who works in an animal shelter considered to be a dead-end job. On the bus, he runs into Holly, an old high school classmate who never remembers who he is. This did not stop Seth from developing a somehow intense attraction towards her.

The movie "Pet" continues on by showing how Seth painstakingly attempts to impress Holly by keeping track of her likes and dislikes on her social media accounts. He then dropped by the restaurant where she works with a bouquet of roses but turns down and discredits his affection.

This made Seth become more and more obsessed with Holly so one day he snaps and kidnaps Holly. He held her captive in an abandoned basement room of an animal shelter. This is where things took turn for the worse.

The movie "Pet" is one movie that puts it all there at once. It doesn't function in a grand thematic message nor does it play any of its hands in a particularly subtle way. The Seth and Holly relationship, her being imprisoned is the driving force of the film.

"Pet" is reported to do a good job in playing with its audience as characters learn more about each other. There is some level of cinematic irreverence that carries the film at its peak of insanity which gives it a fun ride feel.

The movie "Pet" stars Dominic Monaghan, Ksenia Solo, Jenette McCurdy, Nathan Parsons, Da'Vone McDonald and Joh Ross Bowi. The movie is directed by Carles Torrens with screenwriter Jeremy Slater.

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