101-Year-Old Ralph Clarke Charged For Sexual Assaulting 2 Young Girls

By Joshua Williams, Parent Herald December 21, 01:16 pm

Between the years 1974 and 1983, Ralph Clarke was accused of sexual abuse, according to numerous reports. Clarke had already been charged guilty for abusing two young girls. However, this did not stop him from committing further acts of disgust. He soon became a sexual predator who's targeting even little boys.

Clarke, who had been labeled as the U.K.'s oldest pedophile, admitted his crime during a two-week hearing at Birmingham crown court. It was found that the victims had been assaulted in Clarke's home, the shed of his lawn and also in his truck. The judge made it clear that justice would be given no matter how long it takes, according to The Guardian.

The criminal won't be able to escape the justice, according to what the judge told the press. Clarke, even though in appearance looks like a frail old man, is not innocent. Even now, when his crimes are exposed infront of the public, he does not seem sorry for what he has done in the past.

The judge also announced that the victims and their complaints will be taken sympathetically. As Clarke was an aged person, the judge decided that putting him in jail would be too much for him, considering his age and his health.

According to the BBC News, Ralph Clarke had his hearing in the court, where he looked meek and weak. When the judge explained his crime, many of his family members seemed teary eyed and filled with grief. Clarke was said to be in his late 50s when he started committing these crimes.

The judge also elucidated on how this inhumane act had made the victims suffer. The victims told that they weren't able to sleep properly and got nightmares quite frequently. It even resulted in one victim's divorce.

The policemen as well as the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) participants, were thankful to the people who had been a victim of this cruel and harsh act of Clarke. Even though it had been tough for them, they were still been strong enough to bring the crime-committer for justice.

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