Why Parents Are Worried About Pool Contamination

By alexa ancheta, Parent Herald January 10, 07:23 pm

Parents are starting to get worried about the repeated closure of swimming pools at the Orange Aquatic Center in the past six months due to contamination issues.The culprits are not just toddlers but also three-year-old kids or under. Accidents have been known to happen at the toddler pool due to accidents even among children that are toilet-trained.

The pool contamination issue has given rise to calls for parents to ensure their children wear waterproof nappies for swimming. Parents are also urged to make sure they allow regular toilet breaks for their kids before and during the swimming activity. The Center has displayed several posters containing these practical strategies to avoid similar accidents in the future.

According to the Central Western Daily, both the customers and the Center staff have become frustrated with the pool closures and they are taking steps to find a solution. Nick Redmond, Corporate and Community Relations Manager of the Orange City Council, said the Center has made available waterproof nappies for those who fail to bring them.

There are water quality standards set by the health authorities and the Center aims to meet these standards. Redmond said, "Staff are now working from a growing awareness that older children, from four-year-olds through to 10-year-olds, are also involved in contamination incidents at the pool."

People come up with terrifying swimming stories every summer from the common germ problems to the ready flesh-eating bacteria and amoeba that eats the brain, Health reported. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) said these incidents are not so common unless people swim in lakes that the Environmental Protection Agency have deemed unsafe.

A CDC report on finding at least one violation in 78.9 percent of the inspections they routinely conducted on public pools does not even boost confidence on swimming pools. Hence, Raising Children has advised parents to observe swimming precautions to ensure that proper hygiene is maintained to see their children safe from possible water contaminations.

Pool chemicals can only keep the pools clean for a certain period, especially when there are many users. It is easy to contaminate the pool water if proper hygiene such as simple hand washing after using the toilet is not observed. Swimmers with diarrhea should be discouraged from getting into the pool. It is also important to take a shower before and after getting into the pool.

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