Strangers Raise Funds For One-Year-Old Baby Girl Who Died In Her Sleep; Cause Of Death Remains A Mystery

By alexa ancheta, Parent Herald January 11, 04:15 pm

The death of Lulabelle Snow Hurst, the one-year-old girl who died in her sleep, has puzzled her parents, siblings and even the authorities. Her death was so sudden that it baffled everyone. It was only a few hours after her mother Joelle Hughes kissed and tucked her to sleep, and then she was gone.

Hughes was heartbroken and devastated, and all she could do was reminisce about her daughter through Facebook. Her posts reflected all her frustration and loneliness upon knowing that her little girl will no longer come back. She also thanked everyone for their support and kind words for her loss.

"I tried so hard to get my angel back but for whatever reason my little girl is needed up there," Hughes said. "She was a perfect one-year-old baby girl who loved more than anything to dance, have cuddles and play with her big brother."

According to The Sun, Hughes urged everyone to give their loved ones an extra squeeze and hold them close. An inquest was scheduled to determine the cause of death of Lulabelle. Strangers were even trying to raise money to help the family with their financial needs related to the baby's death.

Information from the GoFundMe page shows that in just ten days, a total of £6,160 has been raised by 434 people but the goal was to raise only £5,500. The donations for Lulabelle's funeral has reached over £4,500 during the first four days after the page was set up. Alexandra Corcoran, a friend of the family, said Lulabelle will be missed by her brother Teddy and everyone who knew her.

There is still no official information as to what caused the child's death, according to Globe Views. There are suspicions that it could have been Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). This is referred to as the death of a child during sleep without any obvious reason at all. It has been cited as the reason for the deaths of 2,500 infants in the United States every year.

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