Outdoor Play In Kids: Why It's Important To Let Children Outside; How Parents Encourage Love Of Outdoors

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 23, 04:00 am

The sad reality is outdoor play in kids is no longer the norm. Today's children are growing up around technology that they spend more time cooped indoors than exploring what's outside sans the gadgets.

It's not too late for parents to change this kind of lifestyle in their children. It is, after all, mothers and fathers who influence their kids in forming their habits an inclinations, including their love for the outdoors.

Parents need to remember that letting children step outdoors regularly keep them physically active and it's great for their health. At certain times of the day when the sun is up, they also get a vitamin D boost, which helps in bone development, body resistance and immunity development. This is important especially when findings say four in 10 kids are vitamin deficient, as per the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Children who grow up spending time outdoors and around nature also develop consciousness about taking care of their environment. Their exposure to outdoor life hone their understanding of the world's natural resources and its other creations, thus they become better stewards of the earth.

Experts proved this theory among a group of 50 students from the ages of 18 to 25. Of these respondents, 87 percent said they experienced outdoor play as kids and 84 percent believed taking care of the environment is a priority, as per Newsroom America.

So, what should parents do to encourage outdoor play? Parents could plan a day outside with the children regularly, visit public parks, head to the beach or plan a big nature trip especially this summer. CDC also suggested to encourage ball games backdoor or in the park. Introduce or re-learn traditional games like Duck, Duck Goose, Follow The Leader, Hide and Seek and Scavenger Hunt.

Parents might also want to consider investing in playground equipment at home if it's not possible to enjoy this at public venues. Parents might also want to enlist their older kids at camps for the summer for an enriching experience. Learn more about the importance of outdoor play in the video below.

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