Every Mom Who Loves Her Child Commits This Top Parenting Mistake

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald April 03, 04:00 am

A mom who loves her child is a committed mom but she also makes this one top parenting mistake and she might be unaware she's doing it. A mom who loves her child puts her focus on her kid and she also expects a lot from herself, thus stress is part of her daily routine.

Homeschooling mom and parenting coach Kelly Elise Nault underscored the problems of a mom who loves her role as a parent too much via Bowen Island Undercurrent. She wrote moms demand a lot from themselves and they usually deliver, too. In doing so, however, committed mothers often forget to take a chill pill.

As a result, most moms exhaust themselves with responsibilities in running a household, a long list of things-to-do and schedules. They forget they also need to relax their body and mind, hence some see moms as unhappy women despite their love for taking care of their children.

Nault said children pick up on what they see from their parents and moms should also show the kids what a "healthy and happy adult" is really about. "The number one mistake most loving moms make is that we fail to have a calming reset parenting blueprint in place," Nault said. She encouraged switching off this mommy button from time to time.

Psychologists call this "self-care" and Dr. Diane Sanford of Psych Central suggests some coping mechanisms in managing stress to help moms recharge. The strategies include minimizing multitasking, indulging in breaks or asking for help whenever a mom feels overwhelmed.

Mothers should also have some distractions that do not involve parenting. "This is creating a deliberate distraction to connect you with other people and remind you of the good you do in the world outside your home," Sanford said.

Moms tend to put themselves at the bottom of their to-do list and it's time to change this. Doing so will make the mom who loves her child become a happier and better person, thus she can take care of her family better as well, as per Parents.

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