American Academy of Pediatrics opened up about  7 Great Achievements in Pediatric Research

American Academy Of Pediatrics Highlights 7 Great Achievements In Pediatric Research

The American Academy of Pediatrics opened up about the 7 Great Achievements in Pediatric Research as they call out to increase their funding for child care research.

by Abbie Kraft

Serena Williams Slams Racial Slur Against Unborn Baby

Serena Williams Slams Ilie Nastase's 'Racist Comments' About Her Baby, Pens Love Letter To Her Unborn

Serena Williams will welcome her first child with fiancé Alexis Ohanian in September and she's already honing her protective instincts as a mother.

by Amanda Moore

Pregnant Student And Teen Parents In Nebraska

Pregnant Students, Teen Parents State Bill Delayed; Lawmaker Says Rural Schools Won't Benefit

Nebraska's Legislative Bill 427 mandates all school districts to help pregnant students and teen parents finish high school.

by Amanda Moore

Kids Picking On Noses Is Fine, Says Experts

Kids Picking Their Nose Or Eating Snot Are Healthier And Parents Should Let Nose-Picking Be, Study Says

Parents normally tell their kids not to pick their nose as it's distasteful but experts reveal nose-picking isn't all that bad.

by Amanda Moore

Jordana Brewster's Son Julian Swears Like Mom

'Fast & Furious' Actress Jordana Brewster Learns To Never Swear In Front Of Kids

Jordana Brewster has two boys, Julian and Rowan, with husband Andrew Form. The kids were born via surrogacy.

by Amanda Moore

12-Year-Boy Loves Makeup And Singing

Boy Wearing Makeup Inspires; 12-Year-Old Reuben De Maid Reveals What Being Bullied Taught Him

Reuben De Maid, 12, impressed Steve Harvey and Ellen DeGeneres for both his singing talent and his love for makeup.

by Amanda Moore

Ben Affleck On His Kids As Child Actors

Ben Affleck Nixes Acting For His Kids Until After They're 18: 'I Think It's A Hard Thing'

Ben Affleck hopes his kids Violet, Seraphina and Samuel won't consider Hollywood until after they turn 18-years-old.

by Amanda Moore

Adoption And Its Effects On Marriage

Adoption Changes Marriage: The Challenges Couples Should Prepare For When Adopting A Child

Adoption offers couples a chance to complete their family but going through the process can change a marriage.

by Amanda Moore

Cycle Of Emotional Eating And Emotional Feeding

Emotional Eating, Emotional Feeding: Parents To Blame For Introducing Foods To Soothe Upset Kids

It's parents who trigger the cycle of emotional feeding and emotional eating in children, which could become a full-blown eating disorder.

by Amanda Moore

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Two Years After She Lost Husband: 'I Dread Father's Day'

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Two Years After Husband's Death: 'I Dread Father's Day'

Sheryl Sandberg is the face of people who are experiencing grief in different ways, but the tech executive tries to understand the loss in different perspectives.

by Olivia Etienne

Cherokee Nation sues drug distributors for the opioid overdose epidemic.

Cherokee Nation Sues Drug Distributors As Opioid Epidemic Affects Children And Teenagers

Cherokee Nation blames big pharma for the opioid overdose epidemic.

by Abbie Kraft

New Malaria Vaccine

Three African Nations Getting First Batch Of New Malaria Vaccine?

Three AfricannNations will get to test the first batch of the new malaria vaccine believed to save thousands.

by Claire Parker

Riley Hancey

Utah Man Refused Of Lung Transplant Dies Over The Weekend

A Utah man did not get a new set of lungs in his home state and when he got one in Pennsylvania, things did not turn out well leading to his death.

by Claire Parker

Teresa Palmer

Teresa Palmer Opens Up About Letting Kids Watch TV, Eat Chocolates Rarely

Teresa Palmer, the Australian actress and parenting blogger, talked about how she sometimes let her kids watch TV and eat chocolate.

by Claire Parker

Former Oxford PhD Student Not Guilty Of Rape After Texting 'I Am Really Sorry For Raping You' To The Accuser

Former Oxford PhD Student Not Guilty Of Rape After Texting 'I Am Really Sorry For Raping You' To The Accuser

Sherman Ip, 25, walks free after an accuser claimed that he took off her clothes and forced her to lie down in his London flat in May 2013.

by Olivia Etienne

Caitlyn Jenner Reveals It's 'Tough' To Parent A Trans Child: Hard But Is It Possible?

Caitlyn Jenner Reveals It's 'Tough' To Parent A Trans Child: Hard But Is It Possible?

Caitlyn Jenner admitted that it was tough to raise a trans child, but according to research and first-hand experiences of trans-parents, it is hard but it can be successful.

by Olivia Etienne

President Almazbek Atambayev's Daughter Criticized For Breastfeeding Photos

President's Daughter Boldly Shares Breastfeeding Photos Online And Ignites A National Debate

Aliya Shagieva, the youngest daughter of President Almazbek Atambayev of Kyrgyzstan, shared her breastfeeding photos online and conservatives labeled her immoral.

by Amanda Moore

Ernst & Young Offers Full Parental Leave Benefits

Paternity Leave In The US: 38 Percent Of Ernst & Young Dads Enjoying Parental Leave Benefits

Ernst & Young puts value in families as employees enjoy full parental leave benefits for 16 weeks.

by Amanda Moore

Husbands In Divorce Courts Unfairly Treated

Husbands Are The 'Biggest Losers' In A Divorce Court, Female Defender Says

Barbara Johnson-Stern heads the one and only male-centered divorce firm in the United Kingdom.

by Amanda Moore

Childhood Obesity And Sleep Routines

Childhood Obesity, Sleep Routine Links: Following Regular Bedtime In Kids Lowers Obesity Risk, Study Says

Parents, instilling a sleep routine and regular bedtime in your kids lowers their obesity risk. Learn more from this report.

by Amanda Moore

Chelsea Clinton Not Laughing At Hillary Clinton Joke

Chelsea Clinton Snaps Back On Joke About Her Mom; Public Speculates Her White House Return

Chelsea Clinton defends her mom's honor from a bad joke and her recent visibility in public draws speculations she's running for office.

by Amanda Moore

Channing Tatum At 'Magic Mike Live' In Las Vegas

Channing Tatum, 'Magic Mike Live': Actor Says His 3-Year-Old Daughter Saw Las Vegas Stripper Show

Channing Tatum's 3-year-old daughter, Everly, witnessed men performing for the "Magic Mike Live" rehearsals in Las Vegas.

by Amanda Moore

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