Chinese Students

Two Chinese Students Die From Stampede, 20 More Suffer From Injuries

A stampede took place in China killing two children.

by Claire Parker

Formerly Abused Dog

Former Abused Shelter Dog Saves Naked Toddler From A Ditch, Authorities Find Another Sibling At 'Unsanitary' Home

A formerly abused shelter dog saved a toddler who was found naked in a ditch.

by Claire Parker

Chicago Police

Teenager Fears Going Home After Sexual Assault Broadcast On Facebook

The Chicago teenager who was sexually assaulted and the incident was broadcasted on Facebook reportedly fears going home.

by Claire Parker

US Supreme Court Ruled In Favor Of Special Needs Kid

US Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Special Education Student, Cites SPED Kids Need Higher Curriculum Standards

U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts said special needs child Endrew F. deserved better education from the Douglas County School District.

by Amanda Moore

Donald Trump's Lawyers Go After 17-Year-Old

Trump Lawyers Go After 17-Year-Old Over A Kitten-Punching Website? The Truth About #TrumpCat

Did 17-year-old Lucy really exist? Here's why you shouldn't immediately believe everything you read on the internet.

by Amanda Moore

Swing For Special Needs

Sister To The Rescue! 8-Year-Old Writes Council About Park Swing For Twin Brother With Special Needs

Naomi Gwynne made a plea for her twin brother Isaac who loves swings despite his autism and visual disability.

by Amanda Moore

Reese Witherspoon On Teen Parenting

Reese Witherspoon's Teen Parenting Style: 'Big Little Lies' Momma Says She's The Weird Parent - Here's Why!

Reese Witherspoon is developing a closer relationship with Ava, 17 and Deacon, 13, as a "goofy" mom. Does she get strict though?

by Amanda Moore

Protecting Home-Schooled Children From Abuse

Protecting Home-Schooled Kids From Abuse: What Can States Do For Home-Schooled Children?

There are some 1.8 home-schooled children in America and although cases of abuse against them are isolated, concerned groups and individuals are pushing for laws to protect them.

by Amanda Moore

Older Mom Amal Clooney

Older Moms Make Better Parents Who Raise Well-Behaved And Successful Kids, Study Says

Older moms receive judgments from society but this new study proves their decision might just be the right choice after all.

by Amanda Moore

Mom-Shamed For Working Out

Mom-Shaming Target Speaks Up! Carrie Underwood's Trainer Finally Addresses That Time Another Parent Bullied Her

Celebrity trainer Erin Oprea explained why she was working out on the soccer field while her son played in a recent "The Doctors" episode.

by Amanda Moore

Students Who Are Parents

Students Who Are Parents: How Do They Cope With Parenting And Schooling?

In 2014, a study showed a quarter of undergraduate students are parents and about half are single moms.

by Amanda Moore

Incarcerated Women Allowed To Keep Newborns In Illinois Pilot Program

Fifth Trimester: Why This Whole New ‘Mom Thing’ Is Causing Stress To Many Moms

This article tackles the challenges and how moms should prepare themselves to deal with the fifth trimester of motherhood.

by Charlize Walters

Foreign Exchange Students In US High Schools

Survey Reveals US High School Easier For Foreign Exchange Students; Sports Demands More Challenging

The Brown Center on Education Policy conducted and compared surveys done in 2001 and 2016 and noted something significant in the results.

by Amanda Moore

Outdoor Play In Kids

Outdoor Play In Kids: Why It's Important To Let Children Outside; How Parents Encourage Love Of Outdoors

Kids today love their gadgets but parents can teach them to love nature and the outdoors as well.

by Amanda Moore

EMT Teenager Helps Deliver Baby

First Baby Delivery! Newly-Certified EMT Teenager Helps A Mother Deliver Her Daughter

It was the first baby delivery for 911 rescue crew member Nicole Segalini, 18, but Mom Angela Windt and her baby Ava Sharon were in good hands.

by Amanda Moore

Laptop, Tablet Ban On Planes

Laptop, Tablet Ban On Planes Upsets Parents: What Moms And Dads Need To Know

Young children and special needs kids on a 12-hour flight from U.S. to UAE or North Africa won't have laptops or tablets due to the ban. How can parents deal with this?

by Amanda Moore

Disney Wedding At Cinderella's Castle

Getting Married At Disney? Couples Share What Happened To Their Fairytale Wedding

In 1991, Disney opened its doors to Disney Weddings. Since then, some 1,500 weddings yearly are celebrated at the parks.

by Amanda Moore

'Empire' Star Terrence Howard Talks Parenting, Makes Amends For 'Terrible Mistakes'

Terrence Howard has five children. Aubrey, Heaven and Hunter are adults while Quirin and Hero are both under 2-years-old.

by Amanda Moore

Babies Romeo And Juliet Born Hours Apart

Babies Named Romeo And Juliet Born At Same Hospital 18 Hours Apart Cause A Frenzy

Baby Romeo and Juliet's families did not know of each other's existence until someone tipped them about their neighboring hospital rooms.

by Amanda Moore

Child-Centered Vs. Couple-Centered Families

Child-Centered Vs. Couple-Centered Family: Why It's Wrong To Put Kids As The Main Focus In The Family

Expert John Rosemond said modern parenting concepts teach moms and dads to raise entitled children.

by Amanda Moore

Sarah Fowlkes

Texas Biology Teacher Smiles In Mugshot Amid Sex Accusations With Teen Student

A Biology teacher smiled for her mug shot after being arrested for allegedly having sexual intercourse with her teen student.

by Claire Parker

Tomi Lahren

TheBlaze Suspends Political Commentator Tomi Lahren After Telling Government To Stay Out Of Women's Bodies

Political commentator Tomi Lahren was suspended from her post after her pro-abortion comments.

by Claire Parker

Mayor Bill de Blasio

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Orders School Staffers To Block Immigrations, Customs Enforcement Agents Without Warrant

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents will not be allowed to get into schools in New York City as Mayor Bill de Blasio announced such act will not be tolerated.

by Claire Parker

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