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Grace Packer in an undated photo. She was raped and murdered by her adoptive mother and the latter's boyfriend.

Teenager Killed, Raped Due To Adoptive Mother, Boyfriend's Fantasy Remembered As Kind; Birth Parents Attend Memorial For Her

A memorial took place in honor of the teenager who was raped and killed by her adoptive mother and the latter's boyfriend.

by Claire Parker | 05:16 am Jan. 17

A Closer Look At Selfie: Its Pros And Cons For Kids

A dose of selfie has its advantages. The drawbacks undoubtedly arise from an addiction or a "selfie overdose." If we are a present mom or dad who is concerned whether our child is going overboard or not, we will be able to prevent unhealthy selfie and its repercussions.

by Nymfa Aranas | 10:21 am Jan. 20

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Moms Share Things They Wish They Had Known About Having A Baby In Their 40s

The number of women getting pregnant in their 40s is on the rise. Some of them share the things they wished they knew before taking the plunge.

by Alexa Ancheta | 06:55 pm Jan. 15

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'How To Really Love Your Child': A Must-Read Book For Parents

The strength of the marital bond, unconditional love as the foundation of a solid relationship with a child and the principle of loving discipline, respectively, when implemented in every household, will prevent teenage delinquencies.

by Nymfa Aranas | 10:17 am Jan. 17

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