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Danielle Simko, R, and Charles Dowdy from Berea, Ohio were charged after their 7-year-old son overdosed in heroin. The father admitted to have used heroin earlier.

Berea, Ohio 7-Year-Old Suffers From Heroin Overdose, Couple Charged In Case Pleads Not Guilty

Parents Danielle Simko and Charles Dowdy are facing charges for the death of their son because of drugs.

by Claire Parker | 08:11 am Feb. 20

'Roblox' Sex Chat Warning: Cyber Expert Says Online Gaming Apps Risky For Kids; What Parents Must Do

Parents, pay attention to this news if your kids are playing online games.

by Amanda Moore | 04:00 am Feb. 23

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Ciara Pregnancy 2017: What Has She Learned From Motherhood So Far? Singer Hints Second Baby's Gender

The singer is expected to welcome her new baby with husband Russell Wilson any time now.

by Amanda Moore | 04:00 am Feb. 23

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Intelligence Tests: Does A Mother’s Age Affect Her Kid’s Smartness?

Older women should not hesitate about having children because research shows they produce more intelligent offsprings.

by alexa ancheta | 02:42 pm Feb. 19

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