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Easter egg

Toddler  14 April '17

Target Recalls Water-Absorbing Easter Egg Toys; How To Make Egg-Hunting Safe And Fun?

Target recalled water-absorbing Easter egg toys.

DARPA Robotics Challenge Showcases Cutting Edge In Artificial Intelligence

Family Life  6 December '16

Gender Neutral Parenting: Is It Breaking Stereotypes On Children Or Denying Them Clarity?

Some parents have adopted the gender neutral parenting approach. Despite the parenting style's good intentions, experts have slammed it and stressed that it is confusing children and denying them clarity on their identity.

How To Play With Your Hatchimals

Family Life  15 November '16

Most Popular Christmas Toy 2016: Parents Are Scrambling To Get Hatchimals! What Is It And Where Can One Buy?

The maker of the toy has been trying to keep with the rising demands and it's aware of the jacked-up prices online.

Biggest Black Friday Sale Ever! On November 25, 2016

Dads  3 November '16

Black Friday Sale 2016: Crazy Deals To Watch Out For In Amazon, Sears, Target And More!

Black Friday Sale 2016 will fall on November 25. It was predicted to be the biggest Black Friday Sale event ever in history.

Apple Holds Press Event To Introduce New iPhone

Technology  9 September '16

Learn About iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus' New Features That Includes Water Resistance And Release Date

What you need to know about Apple's new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and where to purchase them.

Monthly Retail Sales Statistics Dip In July

School  17 August '16

Smart Bargain Hunting Tips: How To Spend Less Money In Children’s Back-To-School Expenses

Shopping bargains or deals help parents spend less in their children's back-to-school expenses. Here are some tips to do just that.

Profit Rises 18 Percent At Target Corp

Teens/Young Adults  14 July '16

Transwoman in Target Idaho Caught Taking Photos Of Teen While Changing In Dressing Room

A transwoman was arrested after taking photos of a teen girl at a Target store in Idaho when she was trying on a swimsuit at the dressing room.

Germany To Guarantee Child Day Care

Gear  19 May '16

Infant Bike Helmets Sold At Target Recalled Due To Health Hazard

Target and Pacific Cycle recall 129,000 helmets due to potential choking hazard.

Profit Rises 18 Percent At Target Corp

School Age  18 May '16

Target’s Transgender Bathroom Policy Will ‘Let The Devil Rape Your Children,’ Says Bible-Wielding Mom Who Staged Bizarre Protest At Pro-Equality Shop

A video of a woman carrying a bible while furiously parading around a Target store has gone viral.

California Poised To Surpass Wisconsin As Top U.S. Cheese Producer

Food  18 February '16

FDA Warns The Public About Wood Pulp Filled Parmesan Cheese

The FDA is warning consumers of store-bought cheese claiming to be 100% Parmesan, but actually contain fillers like wood pulp.

Target discount store exterior...

News  19 January '16

Respect For The Elderly: 19-Year-Old Target Cashier’s Respect and Patience For An Elderly Woman Goes Viral [PHOTO]

This feel-good story shows that chivalry towards the elderly is alive and kicking.

Plastic Bottled Water BPA Free

Health/Nutrition  29 September '15

Ditch The Chemicals To Lose Pounds, Manage Diabetes

Scientists have found more links that suggest exposure to chemicals can lead to serious health problems like diabetes and obesity. The study, released via the Endrocrine Society in a press release, points out that chemical exposure can adversely affect the body's hormones, when it's vital to regulating a person's physiology and behavior.

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