Heart-stopping moment 9-year-old catches falling baby

Tila Levi, the 35-year-old mother, shared this video showing the moment her 11-month-old baby fell from a changing table, and was caught by her quick-thinking 9-year-old son. Initially she was too embarrassed to share the CCTV footage, but she since decided it was important to share her story to raise awareness that accidents 'really could happen in a second'. That evening, Levi was putting her five children to bed when she placed her baby on a changing table. She turned around to talk to her 6-year-old child, and that was when the baby rolled off the table and fell. Luckily her 9-year-old son Joseph demonstrated impressive reflexes catching his baby brother before he hit the floor. Levi hoped that by sharing her experience, she could help prevent similar accidents from happening to other families.



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