Premature Infants More Susceptible to Heart Conditions

By Camille H / Aug 15, 2013 01:22 PM EDT

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Researchers from the University of Oxford in England told Medical News Today that premature infants are more susceptible to acquiring heart conditions later on in life.

In a study published in the Journal Circulation, the researchers confirmed that premature babies experience a different way of developing their hearts which already work as an adult compared to full-term babies.

Since the heart of premature babies work harder than full-term born ones, they are more likely to experience heart conditions as they get older, a source told Medical News Today.

The researchers of the study studied 102 premature babies from their birth and 132 babies who were born at full-term and without any complications.

Statistics showed that 14% of the premature babies were born at less than 28 weeks, 51% were born between 28 and 31 weeks and 31% were born between 32 and 32 weeks.

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All of the infants who were born in the 1980s were monitored until they were 23 and 28 years old. Standard heart evaluations and measurements of blood pressure and cholesterol were also monitored and recorded.

Results of the study showed that the right ventricle of the heart was significantly different in adults who were born as premature babies.

Professor Paul Lesson, cardiologist at the Cardiovascular Clinical Research Facility University of Oxford told Medical News Today that 10% of adults today were premature babies and may be at higher risks for cardiovascular problems.

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