Four-Year-Old Rebecca Lewis Found Safe After Being Abducted From Florida Home; Suspect's Family Says Suspect Has Bipolar Disorder & Depression

By Chiara Leghler / Oct 11, 2016 12:47 AM EDT

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Rebecca Lewis, the four-year-old girl who has been missing from her home since Saturday in Lakeland, Florida and was the subject of an Amber Alert in five states, was found safe and unharmed. Her abductor, West Wild Hogs, reportedly has bipolar disorder.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation tweeted about the progress on the search on Monday. Hogs was also arrested and remains in custody. Hogs was captured after an employee of Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee called the officials.

Memphis Police Department spokeswoman, Lt. Karen Randolph, said in a statement that they have no idea yet as to why Hogs visited the medical center. Accordingly, Hogs was pulled over by police officials at the hospital's parking lot. He was then arrested without incident, CNN reported. Randolph added that Lewis did not look like she was suffering from any kind of injury, but paramedics are still examining her in order to assure that she was unharmed.

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Before Lewis was found and Hogs was apprehended, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said that Hogs was a truck driver so he knows the highways. He was last seen in Nashville at around 2:30 a.m., hours before he and the girl were found. The family of Hogs claims that he is suffering from depression and bipolar disorder, but it is unclear if this would have any weight on the investigation, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Judd pointed out that Hogs has no criminal history and does not seem to be violent. He also lived with the family of Lewis when the girl was still an infant. However, he pulled a gun on the Lewis family. On Saturday morning, Lewis and Hogs were seen at a local McDonald's so it is possible that he kept the girl full despite the abduction. A day after, a ranger talked with Hogs at Cove Lake State Park, and the abductor said he was waiting for the mother of Lewis. The ranger then said that the park was closed and Hogs left. Later, the ranger realized that the man he was speaking with was Lewis' abductor.

Before abducting Lewis, Hogs sort of did the same thing to his wife. Accordingly, he told his wife he has a surprise for her so they got into the car, headed to Interstate 75 and got to Kentucky. They then went to West Virginia, then to Maryland, then to North Carolina. They also reached Tennessee and Georgia. The wife decided to abandon the trip and called relatives to take her home.

Hogs then showed up at Polk City, Florida where his grandmother lives. He spent the night there and in the morning, he asked about the address of the Lewis family. That morning, the sister of Lewis checked on her but could no longer find her. It has not been cleared yet how Hogs abducted Lewis.

Amber Alerts were then issued in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee. It is unknown what charges Hogs might face.

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