Bring On The Turkey; It's Touch-Down Football Time

By Avery McClaren / Nov 25, 2016 07:25 AM EST

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This recreational sport seeks to cultivate team comradery, literal street play innovation and healthy competition, but the main objective? FUN! It's all about who's got the all-year bragging rights, the sickest play and the maddest victory dance.

ESPN W agrees that the motivation is to have fun. Yes, even with that parent who takes it all too seriously. Trick plays, trash talk and end zone dances are not only okay but encouraged. Touchdown football time is the perfect opportunity for adults to act like little kids and for children to dominate the adults.

There is a certain excitement in the air when Turkey Bowl Day looms closer and closer. What makes this games so electrifying and special?

For one, touchdown football gives chance for the lesser stars to shine bright. The best players do not compete because of pride, they do it for the love of the game. So when a bench substitute scores, the opponents, who may well be family members, may even cheer and holler.

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Also, the rules and regulations are just that. There is no rigidity or stiffness. No one argues when a point is supposedly unjustly called, and teasing and playful name-calling are but norms. Whether played in a neighbor's backyard, the street or in an open field, with less than accurate marks and calls, the key, of course, is to be part of the whole experience and take away memories and bonds to last a lifetime.

Most significantly, the Turkey Bowl is not about who wins the gold trophy because most likely, there will be none. WWAY TV3 adds that it is all about having a good time, not about winning or losing. True to life, the importance of competitions is not winning against others but triumphing against one's self. When no one cares who really wins, the annual touch-down football is funnier and livelier.

Indeed, blessings can come in all sorts of ways, and during Thanksgiving, sports enthusiasts and fanatics are passionately thankful for the Turkey Bowl! So, are your family ready for the Turkey Bowl?

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