F.D.A. Will Propose New Regulations for E-Cigarettes

By Henry Tyler / Dec 06, 2016 06:31 PM EST

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E-cigarettes have become a very popular trend among people and especially teens. But there have been certain incidents that reported the explosion of e-cigarettes in the pocket of the consumer.

An archive report from ACB NEWS said that in February 2012, in Florida, an incident of the explosion of eciagarette right in the mouth was reported. The charger has a lithium battery, however, in this particular case, the brand

was unrecognizable.Another person named Josh from Kentucky also suffered some burns as the e-
cigarette exploded right in his pocket, as NBC reports.The entire incident was also recorded by the CCTV camera, and everyone who saw it especially the employees of the gas station stood there in shock.

They were clearly unable toabsorbd the incident as it was surprising and shocking at the same time. The Food and Drug authority has taken the issue very seriously and have started to consider a re-evaluation of the rules and regulations that are governing the use of e-cigarettes.

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The regulations includes awaring people about the concequences of the issue and evaluating the trend.
It is very crucial that people should know that the concequences fall beyond just the fun part and has negative impacts on health as well.

As the e-cigarette devices are going around unregulated, the people are buying it at the risk of their lives.
And they are not knowing about that. Hence, the regulatory authorities have put the pressure to have a clear cut obvious policy regarding the issue.

The health experts strongly discourage the use unless the devices are put
under proper test and regulatory measures.
They say that the government should take the front stage and take the
responsibility to cater the issue. If is very important to ensure the health of the public and not ignored it at any cost.

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