Heroic Moms: Campaign Shows Mothers' True Strength Amid Their Children's Ailing Condition

By Olivia Etienne, Parent Herald April 14, 09:52 pm

They say you can never know real strength until you encounter a mom, more so a mother who takes care of her critically-ill child. One Canadian commercial tear-jerkingly depicted the struggle of these mothers and how they were able to pick up themselves in no time in front of their ailing kids.

Medical institution based in Ontario, SickKids Foundation, created the heart-wrenching commercial in lieu of Mother's Day. Per Adweek, the clip featured five real moms of Sick Kids patients, delving into emotional pains by their lonesome.

"Some of the strongest women you'll meet are SickKids moms," the description in SickKids' campaign website said. "They don't give in, and they don't give up. No matter the battle, they put on their game face to stay strong for their kids. #SickKidsMomStrong."

The report further said that while the clip's message is mom's strength, it depicted true humanity. These mothers were penetrable of weakness and fragile at times but at the end of the day, invulnerable and heroic all for the sake of their kids who need a pillar of strength.

SickKids debuted their "SickKids VS" campaign last fall and their prior material focused on SickKids patients as the ultimate warriors. Canadian ad agency, Cossette, was the brain behind the exemplary campaign, Creativity Online noted.

Since 1972, SickKids Foundation helped young patients to overcome their diseases. The foundation said on its official website that they would not stop until every child is healthy.

In fact, the foundation is deeply involved in pressing global health issues. Aside from working to maintain health among Canadian children, SickKids Foundation also supports the United Nations' Global Strategy for Women's, Children's and Adolescents' Health.

What a beautiful irony it is to think that at the end of it all, moms get the strength they need from no other than their ailing children themselves. For more news and updates, check out Parent Herald.

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