School Shooting Leads To New Security Measures Despite Officials' Claim Children's Safety Is Not An Issue

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald April 15, 11:53 pm

The San Bernardino school shooting led to three deaths, which included the death of an eight-year-old boy with a rare genetic disorder, and one injury. Due to the tragedy, they revamped the security measures in the area despite the former claim of authorities that safety of the children was not an issue.

The incident took place at North Park Elementary School. One of the new security measures included people undergoing a background check before they are allowed in the school. They added that they will not allow visitors to meet with school staff or students during schools hours, Los Angeles Times reported.

The school officials made the announcement before a crowd at Bob Holcomb Elementary earlier last week. They added that visitors who undergo background checks will be fingerprinted before they are allowed inside the campus and that they will not allow visitors from going beyond the main office.

Maria Garcia, a spokeswoman for San Bernardino City Unified School District, noted that visitors can only go to the school during school hours if there was any predetermined meeting. Visitors can meet staff or students only before and after school hours.

In cases of emergencies or the visitors have a valid reason to interrupt school hours, they have to provide a valid driver's license and it has to be scanned so that the image from the ID will be printed. Visitors have to wear the ID while they are inside the school premises.

Garcia also reveals they are still considering if they will implement the new measures across the district. For now, North Park Elementary is the only school in the whole San Bernardino District to adopt the revamp.

The new security measures came after Chief Jarrod Buruguan of the San Bernardino Police Department said they could not have done anything more and that the safety of the children was not an issue. San Bernardino City Unified Superintendent Dale Marsden also said the gunman followed the procedures that the school implemented as to entry into the area during school hours, CBS News revealed.

Meanwhile, the shooting took place inside a special needs classroom. Authorities identified the suspect as 53-year-old Cedric Anderson and his estranged wife, also 53, Karen Elaine Smith, while the dead student was identified as Jonathan Martinez.

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