How An 8-Month-Old Baby In India Gained Weight Like An Average 4-Year-Old

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald April 15, 11:44 pm

An Indian baby's photo circulated online showing her weighing like an average four-year-old even if she is only eight-months-old. Many took to social media to voice out their concerns and doctors also expressed how worried they are over the child's condition.

Many people reacted on Facebook and other social media platforms when they saw the photo of the child identified as Chahat Kumar. Some said she's cute, while others said the baby was probably suffering a problem that caused her to gain so much wait. Many called out those who thought the baby is cute, noting that doctors should find a way to know more about the child's situation.

Kumar's parents said she did not have any kind of complication when they welcomed her to the world. When she turned a few months old, she started to gain weight and now she weighs 38 pounds. They noted that her appetite increased and cries whenever she is not fed, The Financial Express reported.

Kumar's father said it is not their fault their daughter grew to such a size and claimed God gave the condition to her. He added, "It's not in our hands. I feel bad when some people laugh at her for being fat." Because of her size and the thickness of her skin, doctors did not get a blood sample in order to test and see what the cause of the weight gain is.

The most common reasons for obesity in children include genetic-related factors, lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating habits, Web MD shared. The other possible case is related to a medical condition that has something to do with hormonal problems.

Her parents said she also has problems with her breathing and her sleeping patterns. She also does not want to exercise as her parents tried to let her shed some weight off. Her parents do not always take her outside because they cannot carry her due to her weight.

The girl has a family doctor named Vasudev Sharma. He told the baby's parents to take her to a hospital but the family said they have no financial capability.

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