Tucker Carlson Shuts Down Guest Claiming 'Breastfeeding Is Not Natural' And 'Beautiful'

By Olivia Etienne, Parent Herald May 02, 04:00 am

Fox News reporter Tucker Carlson tussled with words against author and fellow journalist Cathy Areu after the latter claimed that "breastfeeding is not natural." During a segment in Carlson's show "Tucker Carlson Tonight," Carlson questioned Areu's claims as she appeared baffled during the debate.

In Friday's "Tucker Carlson Tonight," the host invited Areu to give her insights regarding a new study saying that breastfeeding undermines feminism. The study published in Pediatrics suggested that saying breastfeeding is natural for women indicates that feeding is an ability solely for women.

Further, the study suggested that promoting breastfeeding as a natural act is inappropriate because it rigidly reinforces gender roles, per Heat Street. This sparked the debate between Carlson and Areu, where Carlson took off and asked if breastfeeding isn't natural, then what is.

To her understanding, Areu claimed in the interview that breastfeeding does not come naturally to women, contrary to what most medical experts would say. The CATALINA publisher added that she was happy that the study came so the guilt-trip among mothers would end if they didn't provide breastmilk.

She also claimed that men handing over the formula could also be considered natural feeding. To assert feeding a child is exclusively a woman's task could be inappropriate because it could be done by the father, too, she explained.

Carlson became confused with the guest's statements as he grimaced while she talked. The host understood what Areu tried to imply, but he had to question why gender politics had to intrude on biological facts.

The host asked that if breastfeeding is not natural only for women, then she inferred that men can also lactate. Areu answered back, saying she did not know whether men can lactate.

"Can you take three steps back and acknowledge that there's something pretty awful about inserting gender politics into something as beautiful and intimate as the first days of a child's life?" Carlson asked. It triggered Areu and answered a firm "no" while she chuckled, adding that "breastfeeding is not beautiful" and that it caused so many headaches because it's "horrible."

As a final question, Carlson asked how species evolved for so many thousands of years if breastfeeding is not natural. She answered it's because people found formula.

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