If You've Lost All Hope In Generation Z, Just Read How 10 Future Lawyers Plan To Change The World

By Staff, Parent Herald May 04, 07:25 am

When asked how they would impact the world with their law degrees, nearly 1,200 incoming law school students responded with answers as unique as their backgrounds, life circumstances, and career goals.

Today, 10 of those students were named as finalists for the 3rd annual "One Lawyer Can Change the World Scholarship," a $10,000 scholarship sponsored by BARBRI Law Preview, a BARBRI company, and the Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity.

The scholarship challenged students from across the nation to submit a 500-word essay in response to the prompt: "How you hope to use your law degree to change our world and how would $10,000 towards your 1L tuition change your world?"  A BARBRI Law Preview panel selected the finalists and will announce a winner on Friday, June 8, 2018. The $10,000 award will be applied to the winner's first year tuition, paid directly to his or her law school.

"Over the past few months, I have personally read through hundreds of submissions and was so inspired by the selflessness reflected in the applicants' essays, I felt compelled to reach out to many of them personally," said Don Macaulay, president and founder of BARBRI Law Preview.  "With their passion to become change agents stoked by past work experience or significant life challenges - some that, frankly, would have derailed even the most resolute students - our 10 finalists have completely restored my faith in Generation Z. If you've ever shaken your head and said, 'Kids today!' then I challenge you to read how these future lawyers plan to positively impact our world."

For instance, there's Oscar Sarabia Roman, an entering student at UC Berkeley School of Law, who explains how his own deportation as an undocumented Mexican immigrant fueled a desire to represent others trapped in a broken immigration system. Or read about Taylor Davis, who'll begin her studies at Penn Law this fall, and how she intends to bring the experience (and bedside manner) she acquired as an ER nurse to serve as an effective advocate for healthcare reform. And, if you think becoming a lawyer means abandoning all artistic creativity, read this rap about criminal justice reform by Erin Bartenstein, an entering student at University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Law, that would make Kendrick Lamar and Cardi B envious. The other seven? Trust us, they are equally impressive.

"The standard thing to say when describing the finalists in a contest like this is that 'it's a shame we can't select everyone.' As stale as that platitude is, it's also true," Macaulay said. "We will certainly have a tough time picking a winner from such an impressive group."

Want to help us decide?  Review the 10 finalists' essays and anonymously suggest to whom we should award the $10kscholarship.

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