Prince Harry Will Make A Great Dad, And These Are The Signs

Prince Harry has been vocal about his fondness for children and this, among others, is a sign that he will make a great dad to his future child with wife Meghan Markle.

Aficionados are anticipating the addition of a new royal baby now that the prince has settled down. All eyes are on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for any possible sign that the latter is carrying a child.

Prince Harry and Markle have yet to share details about when they exactly plan to start raising kids. However, they have individually voiced their desire to have children of their own in previous interviews.

Fondness For Children

Prince Harry has previously expressed interest to start his own family as soon as he settles down. He turned broody during a visit to New Zealand when he talked about his niece and nephew (Prince William and Kate Middleton's children).

He expressed his excitement on the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's second child, Princess Charlotte. He admitted that he was looking forward to meeting her and to holding her.

In his royal visits, Prince Harry always finds time to have fun and to mingle with people. Whenever there are children around, he makes it a point to interact with them. Royal fans said that he takes after his deceased mother, Princess Diana, who holds a special place in her heart for children.

Kid At Heart

The Duke of Sussex also possesses traits that will make him a great dad. He is not afraid to be goofy. He knows how to make people laugh or smile, which is a plus when he becomes a dad.

Prince Harry may be in his 30s but he is a kid at heart, too. This trait makes him amicable to the children as he can interact well with them. The Duke is ready to support others. He is the ultimate cheerleader, which is a bonus when he is out there being the supportive dad during his kids' games.

Most importantly, Prince Harry works with kids on a much more personal level. He is the patron to several charitable causes that cater to children's wellbeing.

A photo of him hugging terminally ill Carson Hartley in 2014 at the WellChild Charity Awards tugged at the hearts of many. Sadly, the young boy died in 2015 and the prince expressed his condolences through a letter sent to the boy's parents.

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