Here Are Some Tips To Entertain Kids At The Airport

By Tanya Diente, Parent Herald June 06, 09:52 pm

Kids often make a fuss at the airport because they are bored, tired, or uncomfortable. It is important that parents know how to entertain their kids.

Traveling with kids can be fun but it can also be torture when it comes to flight delays. Kids start to lose their patience and start to act unruly to pass the time and chances are, they start to make a ruckus at the airport.

Often times, parents bring out their gadgets to entertain the kids, but here are some fun activities that will also occupy their time.

Kid-Friendly Airports

There are other fun activities to do before kids give in to the lure of screen time. In some airports, there are playgrounds where kids can hang out to pass the time.

Another good option is visiting the museum at the airport. Some airports feature art galleries, including Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International. Parents can take their kids to admire the displays.

If the children are not into art, parents can make up fun museum-themed games to entertain the kids. The family can also take a quick dip in the pool or visit a spa if the airport is located near a hotel.

Entertaining Activities

In the absence of playgrounds and museums, the classic "I Spy" game works at the airport, too, as much as it does during car rides. The airport is packed with interesting sights and people. Parents can ask their kids to look for a doll, a red suitcase, a soda machine, or more. The choices are limitless.

A game called the Traveller's Bingo is also a fun activity to pass the time. Parents write down on a piece of paper items that kids can spot at the airport. It can be a hat, headphone, book, or pillow. The person who finds all the items in the list yells Bingo and is the winner. The game goes for five rounds and whoever wins all the rounds gets to choose the next game to play.

The airport usually offers a selection of restaurants. It is also entertaining to do a progressive dinner. This means sampling one restaurant for the appetizer, another for the main meal, and another for the dessert. This will only not kill time but will also prevent the kids from getting too antsy during the meal.

Lastly, parents can do the airport alphabet game. They ask their kids to find a word that begins with every letter of the alphabet. This needs a walk around the airport to find the word. This game also works even if the kid prefers to sit down.

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