A New Trampoline Will Have Your Whole Family Jumping For Joy

By Staff Reporter, Parent Herald December 04, 11:35 am

A New Trampoline Will Have Your Whole Family Jumping For Joy

Mostly, when you think of family time, you think of something sedentary: sitting around the dinner table sharing stories, sitting around the family room table playing a board game, or sitting on the beach taking in some sunshine. And while each of these activities are beneficial for the family in some way, none of them are very active.

Currently, there is something of an epidemic in Australia, one of increasing inactivity, where indoor screen time takes the place of outdoor exploration. This inactivity can lead to a whole host of health issues, not to mention an unhealthy reliance of tech products. It is a parent's duty, therefore, to try and promote outdoor family activities, and perhaps the best way to do that is by getting a trampoline.

Trampolines are a good deal of fun, not only for children but for parents as well. A child will happily while away the hours bouncing on a trampoline, without even noticing that they are getting a great exercise. And the same goes for mom and dad: the trampoline is a fun, low impact way of shedding a few pounds.

The trampoline can also be a sort of social gathering - a sport around which the family can congregate to laugh and have fun. Place one in your backyard, and make a family-wide, daily habit of going for a bounce. It's a fun, healthy and ultimately inexpensive way of spending time together as a family.

But when shopping for a trampoline, prioritize safety. The "old school" trampolines (and even many of the new ones!) contain hazards like exposed springs, hard edges and a complete lack of enclosures. Newer trampolines in Australia though, like those from Springfree Trampoline, have worked around those hazards; they come standard with a flexible enclosure, tucked away composite rods (instead of springs) and a soft mat edge.

Furthermore, to make this family time as safe as possible, always provide parental supervision when someone is bouncing, and enforce a "one jumper at a time" rule. A trampoline may never be as safe as, say, a board game night, but no physical activity will be. By choosing a safe trampoline, and keeping an eye out for safe jumping, you'll get as close to a safe, physical family activity as you can get.

Whereas a family board game evening sees the family come together in an all-important test of teamwork, strategy and learning, an evening on the trampoline sees the family bound together by activity and exercise. Both evenings are part of a balanced family diet, and both should have their place in the family schedule.

Find yourself a safe, reliable and all-weather trampoline, and make a regular evening out of bouncing with the family. Be on hand to supervise, and lay a few common-sense ground rules. Not only will it encourage your kids to get outside and play, but it will also provide a bit of much-needed exercise. Now that's something that will make the whole family jump for joy!

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