3 Tips to Make it Easier to Move into a Retirement Residence

By Staff Reporter, Parent Herald December 27, 10:42 pm

Moving into a retirement residence should be an exciting time. There's a whole world of new people, places, and opportunities waiting. But the transition will come with its own unique challenges. These tips can help the whole family make it a positive experience.

1) Personalize the Suite

When mom or dad is moving into a retirement residence, it usually means they're also moving out of a house they may have lived in for decades. It could even be the home where they raised you. Moving can be an emotional experience, but retirement communities offer exciting opportunities to meet new people and stay active with a new group of friends.

One way that families can help ease the transition away from a family home into a suite in a retirement residence is personalizing the space. Bring important family heirlooms, beloved decorations, and all those quirky knick-knacks mom or dad loves. Talk to your loved one about what they want to bring and encourage them to personalize the space. After all, your golden years should be a time to enjoy yourself and be who you really are!

2) Embrace a New Routine

Retirement residences like All Seniors Care Living Centres provide a wealth of activities, exercise options, facilities, and events. Schedules at every retirement community are unique, but here are a few of the things you should expect:

New Exercise Routines

  •  Aqua Fitness, a great muscle-improving exercise in the pool.
  •  Walking as part of All Seniors Care Sunshine Strollers Club; walking is one of the healthiest ways seniors can keep active.
  •  Chair Yoga, an innovative type of yoga that makes the exercise more accessible for seniors.


  •  Classic games like cribbage, bridge, Yahtzee, billiards, Scrabble, and shuffleboard.
  •  Wii Games, fun for people of all ages and a great way to stay active.

New Hobbies

  •  Crafting
  •  Art workshops
  •  Dance
  •  Mini put

3) Work with Retirement Community Staff

One of the best tips to help loved ones move into a retirement home is working closely with retirement community staff. A caring staff can help make all the difference when it comes to moving in. Contact staff and ask for any advice or help they can provide. Often retirement residences will have a primary point of contact to help make the transition easier for new residents. Take the time to build a relationship.

Once the move-in is over, it's important that you stay in touch with staff and keep informed about the ongoing transition process. Get involved in how your loved one is getting along. Take them out for lunch when housekeeping is scheduled and share in their new routines and activities such as card games, walks through the grounds or trips to the mall.

Moving into a retirement residence can be an exciting, positive experience. Get involved in the process and don't stop after move-in day. Stay engaged, talk to staff, and help your loved one personalize their suite and get into the groove of a new routine.

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