Top Car Accessories You Must Have When Travelling with Kids

By Staff Reporter, Parent Herald June 06, 11:26 am

Do you have kids and need to travel with them? Here are essential car accessories you need to have in your car before embarking on that journey.

Back-Up Camera

Unfortunately accidents does happen. Around fifty children are being backed over by vehicles every week in the U.S with the predominant age of victims are one year olds.

Every year, there been thousands of cases where children are killed or seriously injured because a driver backing up didn't see them.

Having a Back-Up Camera will give you the extra eye you need when you are on the go and they are quite easy to use and easy to install.

Backseat DVD Player

A portable DVD player is a necessary accessory if you're it's a long road trip you're embarking on with kids. A stack of your kid's favourite movies or cartoons will do. Some SUVs come with this accessory in the backseat but if yours doesn't have you can easily get one at a great price.

Fold-Out Tray

A Fold-Out tray table is very handy. It provides a space for kids to play cards, games, eat food etc. Great for kids comfort. 

Music Player or Phone Mount

Adding a good music player or phone mount at the back seat for the kids is a great idea especially if they like music. Some of these latest vehicles come with smartphone mounts and music players built-in, but just in case yours doesn't have one, there are plenty of good aftermarket versions you can buy. They are usually inexpensive.Check out online shop for other great accesories. 

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