This App is Changing Hundreds of Family Lives Inside and Outside of Hospital Walls

By Eric Hamilton, Parent Herald August 08, 07:49 pm

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EASE Applications is a new mobile healthcare app that parents are using to receive updates from their family members during a hospital stay. EASE is using technology to take down hospital walls and create more transparency.

Parents across the United States, and the world, are focused on one thing, the overall health and wellbeing of their loved ones. But it is inevitable for families to completely avoid a trip to the hospital while their little ones are growing up. Although hospitals are continuously trying to make sure their patients are treated with the best care, it can be difficult to keep additional loved ones in the loop. Now, EASE Applications is the new mobile app that sends live updates to parents every 30 to 45 minutes on the status of their children during a hospital stay.

The mobile app works similarly to Snapchat but offers the security of WhatsApp. EASE is currently used by clinicians in over 60 hospitals, including 4 of the top 10 pediatric hospitals in the US. Recent data pulled from two of these hospitals reveals 95% of users prefer to receive live texts, photos and videos of their loved ones as opposed to only receiving text messages. These numbers show an increase in demand from parents of receiving photos and videos in today's world, including in the OR and other hospital settings.

The app only allows hospital staff to send secure, HIPAA-compliant text, photo and video updates to families in real-time. EASE brings comfort and sends constant updates to parents when their child or additional family member is undergoing any type of big or small procedure. Hospital guests no longer have to worry about their child's wellbeing, since the app brings comfort and ease to their fingertips.

When a hospital chooses to use the EASE app, doctors and nurses are trained on how to handle it, and what kind of unique messages to send. These trained nurses can send text, photo and video updates to families, as well as notify parents on when the doctor will come out and speak to them. When doctors and nurses use the app to communicate with patient families, the messages received can only be viewed for 60 seconds before disappearing. Messages sent through EASE can't be stored on devices, and are deleted from the EASE servers nightly. Parents who receive the messages are also blocked from saving anything that is sent to them. 

EASE, which comes in nine different languages, is changing the way providers, patients, and their families communicate with each other. Parents appreciate the level of transparency and communication EASE offers when it comes to their children's health and have become more confident of the medical process. EASE Applications is using technology as a gateway to family wellbeing and transforming the standard of care in this day and age. As more hospitals begin to implement EASE's technology into their systems, more parents will spend less time in the waiting room wondering about their little one's health.

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