10 Tips for Getting Pregnant Faster

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(Photo : Pxhere.com)

Are you and your partner finally thinking of getting pregnant? Or maybe perhaps you guys are now having a bad case of baby fever? Either way, this article is the one for you.

Getting pregnant can be easy for some people, but to some, it takes time, effort, and full-commitment before they can become pregnant. But before that, you must be ready in terms of emotional, mental, and physical aspects before deciding to have a baby, because pregnancy is not a joke. A baby can change one's life, and if you're ready for this chapter in your life, the change can be glorious.

Whether or not you are still thinking of getting pregnant or you're already planning and have decided to have a baby ASAP, here are some useful tips that you can follow for you to have a successful pregnancy. 

10 Tips for Getting Pregnant

Cut the pill

If you're on pills, patches, or shot contraceptives, you need to cut taking these if you wan tot get pregnant. Always keep in mind that the sooner you stop taking contraceptives, the sooner you can get pregnant.

See your doctor and have a checkup

If you plan on getting pregnant, it's always best to seek a doctor's advice. It is always a good idea to book an appointment with your OB gyne and get some help with tips on how to get pregnant and what habits, pills, and medications should you cut off for you to have a successful pregnancy. 

Do regular exercise

Studies have shown that being and staying physically fit can make you more fertile. Exercise makes your blood circulation go up and running, lowers blood pressure, reduces your stress levels and will increase blood flow in your reproductive organs. 

Eat healthy fats

Of course, your diet and the amount of food that you eat. Healthy foods can help stabilize and increase fertility. Not only that, eating healthy foods can help you build a strong and healthy baby inside you. Eating healthy fats such as omega-3 type of foods can boost sperm count and motility. 

Let your man eat healthy as well

Eating healthy should go both ways between you and your partner. Eating fertility foods is also a must. This includes oysters, fruits and veggies, and juices with honey in it. Also, give your man lots of fruits that contain citrus, tomatoes, and berries. Vitamin C is also a must.

Increase your iron and dairy intake

Aside from eating greens and citrus fruits, dairy also helps in your fertility. Studies show that if you take at least one full-fat dairy daily it will decrease your chance of being infertile. Dairy and iron-rich foods can help you produce healthy eggs for reproduction.

Take prenatal vitamins

With this, make sure you have consulted your doctor. Prenatal vitamins are important if you want to get pregnant because this will serve as your insurance for you and your future baby. A daily supplement can lower your chance of giving premature birth. 

Cut of your vices, including coffee

Caffeine is not good if you want to get pregnant and if you are already pregnant. If you smoke and drink, you need to cut those off as well together with your caffeine intake because it will surely affect your attempt to conceive.

Cut the lubricant use

If you want to get pregnant faster, you also need to cut the lubricant use off. Lubricants, especially those who are oil-based, can change the cervical mucus and the pH of your vagina, and this will make it hard for the sperm to find it's way to the egg. Get your natural juices flowing in a natural way-- the foreplay way.

Don't stress out

If the first attempt did not work out, don't stress out. You need to do something about your stress and anxiety. Working out is a good option, and you can try yoga and take Zumba classes. You can also listen to your favorite music. Try all your stress relievers and try to avoid things that will stress you for you to have a successful pregnancy. 

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