3 Effective Ways to Raise Well-Mannered Sons

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We all know how boys can be very active, loud, and hyper. They almost don't run out of energy whether they are running around the house all day or being at school playing with his friends. It is no joke that boys are more energetic, aggressive, hard-headed (at times), and a handful compared to girls. However, despite them being extensively hyper, not all boys show the same behavior. There are little boys who are quiet and enclosed and shy, but mostly, little boys are more of a handful to raise and take care of. 

In parenting boys, you need to have enough patience and understanding because of their behavior. If you still don't get the hang of raising a little boy, here are some parenting tips that you might consider when doing so.

1. Always check and monitor their aggression.

It's not new for boys to be distinguished as aggressive humans. While girls can be more calming and relaxed, boys tend to be more impatient and active. A mistake that parents would tend to oversee is when their child is into video games that are violent, whether it involves swords or guns, they would automatically think it's an act of violence.

But for their little boys, it is like an achievement of their dream of becoming a hero. You can always monitor your boy's aggression by playing cops or robbers with him and check how he responds to the actions. You can play with soft swords or pillows to avoid getting hurt. 

However, if your child is playing too rough in your games, you need to sit down and talk to him about it. If there's a hint of frustration in him that you will notice, talk about how it is not okay to behave like that. Establish rules and limits when they're playing such pretend or video games and prohibit kicking, punching, hitting, or using objects as weapons.

2. Be a model of good behavior

Parents are being looked up by their children, and boys are most likely to follow footsteps that girls do. If you're stressed from work, do not bring it home where your little boys can see it, because if you act aggressively, they will most likely think it's okay for them to do so when they feel stressed or angry. Be a polite and good model to your kids and praise them if they show good manners. 

3. Encourage them to be more sensitive

Now that we know boys are more aggressive than girls, they also happen to have low sensitivity and emotional expression. Always teach them to be kind and sensitive to others, even if others cannot and will not. Develop your boy's sensitive side by explaining to them the importance of kindness such as sharing and caring for others.

You can do this encouragement by telling them good-morale lessons before they sleep at night, or even let them watch cartoons that show good lessons and behaviors. This way, your boys will grow up with compassion and love that will make them better men in the future when they grow up. 

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