Easy and Effective Reward System For Your Children

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Kids love treats and prizes. If a kid knows that there is a reward if they do the task that is being assigned to them, they will most likely do it. Rewards are a form of motivation for children. Whether it's a sweet treat or a cool toy, a reward is a reward for children, and they would take almost anything as a reward and would feel happy for it. 

Teachers and parents alike can relate how hard it is to get kids to follow what you are telling them to do. Thus, reward systems are made. Reward systems are proven to be very effective especially for toddlers and young kids. However, it takes one effective reward system for them to follow you. If you're still having a hard time handling your kids and toddlers with small tasks that you give them, then you might need an effective reward system for them to be motivated to do the task. To know more about easy and effective reward systems, here are some reward system ideas that you can copy to encourage your kids to have good behavior and make them learn lessons that they can take wherever they go as they grow older.

The Chart System

You can always go extra as a parent. Just buy some art materials, big cardboard, and some star-shaped stickers for this reward system idea. Whenever your kids have achieved something, a task or an assignment, or if they show good behavior towards you or the other members of your household, you can give them a star under their name on the chart. This way, your children will see progress and will feel a sense of satisfaction and victory when they acquire a star under their name.

The Jar System

For this reward system, all you need is just a jar and either some cotton balls or marbles. Whenever your child has done something good and is showing good behavior, you can add a cotton ball or a marble. For a jar system, you can do these tips to make it more effective:

  • The jars should have a rubber band on it. The rubber bands will serve as a line of achievement for each child. The line should depend on how old the kid is. The older kids will have higher rubber bands compared to the younger ones. Since they are older, they need to get more cotton balls. As the kids grow older, the rubber band on the jar will be placed higher. This is best to do every year.

  • Optional: you can also use chalkboard paint or chalks on the jar to make lines to make it more moveable and erasable as they grow older.

How can a kid earn a star or a cotton ball?

Your children can earn a star or a cotton ball if they do good deeds such as:

  • Doing chores with or without being told

  • Doing something nice for anyone (like opening doors or helping in table setting)

  • Showing good manners towards family members and friends

  • Achieving awards in school 

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