Use Technology to Find the Right School and Neighbourhood

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Many parents aspire to buy their dream house for their family. A home with enough rooms and a yard where their kids can play and develop great childhood memories is a good place to start. It must also be in the ideal neighbourhood near great facilities such as good schools, especially in cities with catchment areas, where students usually attend schools assigned to their neighbourhoods. 

For parents busy with jobs and families, finding the ideal house in a great neighbourhood near the perfect school can feel as challenging as looking for a needle in a haystack. Research can involve countless hours of visiting multiple websites about neighbourhoods and schools. 

Checking search engines to find a great neighbourhood only to learn that the school doesn't match the child's needs can feel disheartening. Likewise, finding the perfect school in an unsuitable neighbourhood can also be frustrating. For parents who do find the needle in the haystack, usually the next step is to find a trustworthy real estate agent. But with the housing deficit, connecting with a professional, knowledgeable and experienced agent who knows your dream neighbourhood inside out and is passionate about providing great service rather than just collecting a paycheque can be equally challenging. 

That's why many parents are using the powerful SchoolQ platform to do the heavy lifting for them. The website uses a state-of-the-art algorithm to generate comprehensive reports for over 2,400 neighbourhoods in over 100 Canadian cities. There's a robust report for every school in those neighbourhoods for 15.7 million Canadians.

The interactive maps on the platform direct busy parents to private, public, alternative, and Catholic schools. When available, they provide detailed information about each facility, such as languages, sports, meal programs, grade level, parent involvement and extracurricular activities. Whether you're looking for a school with a focus on the athletics, arts, sciences, or special needs, you can easily do so through their platform.

Once you've found some great schools, you can use the platform to check if it's in a suitable neighbourhood for your family. The platform provides reports for any address in the neighbourhood, showing homes close to the best schools, parks and recreational facilities, transit, hospitals and more. A detailed look at the facilities may tell you about local baseball diamonds, sports fields, soccer fields, playgrounds, basketball courts, picnic facilities, trails, tennis courts, community recreation centres, gyms, transit stops, and other notable local places such as grocery stores, drug stores, safety facilities and renowned eateries. 

An overview of a neighbourhood offers more intimate information. For example, if you're looking at the Mill Pond neighbourhood in Richmond Hill, you'll learn about the types of homes in the area, wildlife, carnivals, attractions, and walking trails. 

Once you've found your dream neighbourhood, you can use the website to connect with a Neighbourhood Expert. These are top real estate agents who are intimately connected with your dream neighbourhood and love developing relationships with their clients. By getting in touch with these true professionals, you'll be able to find your dream house. They're focused on putting their clients first. 

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