How Parents Can Help Children with Homework

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Parent's assistance is essential to children as parents teach their kids how to deal with everyday challenges. Some children really need help whereas some of them can easily get by without any assistance. That's why it is important to evaluate the depth of interference that should be done.

Encourage your children

If your child is active and feels confident, knows how to cope with homework and other assignments, the best thing you can do is to encourage them. Being a parent is very responsible and you are forced to find time to listen to your child and encourage their achievements.

Don't interfere too much, especially if you see that studying is coming along well, and especially if your child disagrees. Otherwise, you are at risk of pushing them away. Just take an interest in your child's studies and keep an eye on their activities.

Parents, whose children don't express a great desire to study, should cheer up their children more intensively and encourage them to achieve more. However, it is not enough if they have a reluctant child.

What should parents do if they have reluctant children?

In this situation don't let your children feel alone and abandoned. It is a good idea to deal with homework in a common family place. It can be a living room, dining room, kitchen, or other similar places so that you are always nearby and ready to help.

Right, your presence shows that homework is important and should be taken seriously. It means that you really have to sit with your child and help them stay focused.

Talk through all assignments which are needed to be done. Just create a short 'to-do list' and ask which assignment your child wants to do first. Actually, you can put them in order that your child wishes. It is a good idea to ask your child to explain their thinking. Let them play an important role and make decisions. Striking of done assignments from the list will give a sense of satisfaction whereas identifying the remained assignments will help to stay focus on unfinished homework. 

Time Management

One more important thing is proper time management. Ask your child to estimate the time needed to finish each assignment or at least the first one. Later on, set the timer additionally for smaller amounts of time within the full time and explain that your child has to study until the timer goes off. Even questions are not allowed.

So, studying will alternate from work with your help to work without your assistance. Don't forget about the breaks. It will help your child to make individual decisions and not to feel lonely while studying. It develops critical thinking, creativity, self-assessment, resourcefulness.

Don't forget to cheer up and encourage after every finished assignment. Children should see that their work matters. Of course, it works better with younger kids. As soon as they get older, they gain more independence and have more freedom. Some of them turn to professionals if they want to have their homework done.

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Soft Power

Try to be soft power so that your children want to share their thoughts and ideas with you as well as ask your advice. Learn to listen and hear as this approach can help cope with lots of problems and avoid lots of tragedies in the future.

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