Pros and Cons of Listing a Father's Name On A Birth Certificate

Listing A Father's Name on A Birth Certificate
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Whether you and your partner have broken up before your baby arrived or you're a single mom, it can be difficult to decide whether or not you should list your baby daddy's name on your baby's birth certificate.

Your baby's birth certificate is one of the most important document that a baby, or a person, can have and it is a must that all details entailed in that certificate is of truth and accuracy. 

When you're married to your partner and you have a child on the way, it is given that your baby will automatically inherit its father's last name, or so you should say, your husband is assumed to be the father of the child.

However, for mothers who are single and unwed, they will be asked by the hospital staff the name of the birth father as they process your baby's birth certificate.

If you happen to be one of the single moms out there who currently face this dilemma, here are some things that you need to consider in deciding whether you should write down a father's name on your baby's birth certificate.

The Pros and Cons

Just like any other family and parental decision, as a single parent, you must weigh the pros and cons of a situation for you to come to the right choice. While there can be tons of benefits that your baby can get when you write down a father's name on her birth certificate, it also comes with disadvantages as well especially when something wrong happens in the future.

There can be certain drawbacks depending on how severe the situation and circumstance is. To help you weigh things out, here are some pros and cons that you can look into and consider.

Pros of Putting A Father's Name On Your Baby's Birth Certificate

  • Benefits such as last will when the father dies. When the father dies, your child will have the right to any property bestowed to them on his will of testament. This includes Social Security as well at the event of the father's death.

  • Child support. When your child is named after their father's name, they will and should receive child support from them. Regardless of the father is not living with the baby, they should give child support to the single parent.

  • Health insurance coverage. The father's health insurance can be extended to your baby if you name them after him. This will be of great help especially when your baby is growing up and if they get sick, they already have health insurance coverage. 

Cons of Putting A Father's Name On Your Baby's Birth Certificate

  • Difficulty in getting a passport. If you baby does not have a father's name enlisted on their birth certificate, you will then have to go through the court if you want to get a passport for your baby.

  • Difficulty in registering them for school. Without proper court order about the father being hard to locate, you may be having a hard time registering your baby to school when they come of age.

  • The father will have parental rights. If the mother has issues with the father of her child and the baby has their father's name on their birth certificate and documents, the father has an advantage if ever they go to court. The father can fight for his parental rights because the child bears his name.

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