Single Mom Shares Lunch Box Hack Every Parent Needs to Try

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Preparing your child's lunch is not that easy, especially if you are a busy parent. Aside from getting everything ready, you also need to make sure that your child's lunch is comprised of a well-balanced diet. Some parents do weekly planning of their child's school lunch, some prepare their child's school lunch the night before to save time, but this one savvy mother shared her method on a Facebook group that quickly went viral. 

Grab and go method

The single mom with an 8-year-old son shared on a Facebook group, The Communit that she needed a storage solution because she does not have much space in her cupboard for her son's snacks. So what she did was she created a snack stop in her dining room, she re-purposed storage containers and she filled it with snacks, treats and healthy foods that do not fit in her kitchen.

She labeled it as the grab and go method, and she claimed that it works perfectly for her and her son especially in the morning when they are both in a hurry. 

She posted "I'm a single mom and the grab-n-go method is the best for us. Don't worry, there's plenty of fruits, veggies, and yogurt in the fridge. My house is small and I am very limited with cabinet space. Everything fits perfect and It looks way better than I thought it would, it fits nearly perfect along this small wall in my dining room.

Her amazing idea has garnered more than 42,000 likes and other moms praised her for the hack. This is brilliant for single parents and working parents who have no time to prepare school lunches for their child. 

Healthy lunches for children

After garnering attention for her life hack, this got a lot of parents talking about how it can be challenging to prepare a well-balanced lunch for their children, especially if they are busy. Growing children needs a wide range of healthy lunch options. They should be able to eat fruits, vegetables, grain foods, reduced-fat dairy, fish, chicken and lean meat on a daily basis. 

If you wish to follow the grab and go method of the savvy mother that went viral, make sure that you got all the food groups covered. You can place yogurt, string cheese, baby carrots, fruits and other healthy snacks in different containers so when your child is on his way to school, he can just grab the snacks, place them in his backpack and be on his way.

As for sandwiches, you can use wholegrain bread and add lettuce, cheese, lean meat, and tomatoes. Make sure that you make the sandwiches in the morning so that they can still be fresh when your child eats it during lunchtime.  

Chocolate bars, soda, chips, and other junk foods should not be placed in the container because there is a massive chance that those are the only ones that your child will grab on his way out. Junk foods and chocolates do not give your child the energy, vitamins, and nutrition that his growing body needs. You can still let your child eat chips, chocolates, and other unhealthy snacks as long as it is in moderation. 

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