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Pregnancy is one of the best things that a woman can go through. Having a little angel inside you is a blessing and as a mother-to-be, you need to be responsible and careful in everything that you do. Preparing for your baby's arrival and keeping you and your little one's system healthy as possible is your top priority. You have nine months' time to prepare for your new life with your baby, and if you don't know where to start, here is an effective weekly to-do list that you can follow for your pregnancy journey.

Weeks 1 to Week 12 (1st Trimester)

For the first week of your pregnancy, you just discovered that you're pregnant. In the next following weeks, you should start taking prenatal vitamins. If you are a smoker, you should quit smoking the moment you discover you are pregnant. Focus on having a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. 

You also need to start cutting off your caffeine intake. At this point, you need to go and see a doctor for more recommendations and safe medications for your pregnancy. Ask all the necessary questions that you need to know more about pregnancy and how to handle it. Fix also your doctor appointments and make sure you don't get to miss any schedule.

You may also take time to fix a baby budget and your expenses in buying your baby's essentials and save up for your labor costs. You can also start shopping early for your baby.

Weeks 13 to Week 28 (2nd Trimester)

At week 13, you are most probably in your fourth month of pregnancy. By this time, you may now start thinking of baby names and start sleeping by your side since your bump will most likely show up already. You may also opt to eat smaller meals but eat frequently to avoid heartburns. Exercise regularly or join yoga classes that are for pregnant moms. You can also ask your doctor about your baby's gender at this time through your next ultrasound. If you know your baby's gender, decide what name they should have with your partner.

In this trimester you can take the time to think of ways on how to raise and take care of a newborn baby. You may want to do research, or read more pregnancy books for you to be knowledgeable about the whole process. Research about the pros and cons of breastfeeding, and decide what's best for your baby. You may also want to consider taking seminars about parenting or how to take care of a baby. 

Since your baby bump will be showing more at this time, you should wear more maternity clothes and wear flats or comfortable shoes. Wearing heels should be avoided. Wear more comfortable maternity bras to protect your breasts.

Week 29 to Week 40 (3rd Trimester)

During these weeks, you should start seeing your doctor or midwife every two weeks. You may also opt to update your retirement beneficiaries since you now have a baby on the way. This is also the best time where you can prepare your baby's room, their essentials, and your baby and hospital bag for the big day. You should be prepared in any case and have a bag with all the essentials you and your baby needs that you can take on the go. At this point also, the baby kicks can be felt more often because the baby is starting to be a little active. Pregnant moms should also be extra careful during this trimester because it can be very crucial to them and their babies that might lead to possible premature labor.

Since the baby is soon to come, you can organize a baby shower and gather your family and friends for it. Plan out your maternity leave as well. You may also want to do a gender reveal announcement if you haven't told anyone about the baby's gender. 

Learn proper breathing techniques for you to be ready when your water will break. Practice any relaxation technique that you can do when you go into labor.

By week 40, you will then meet the little angel you have been dying to meet and it will definitely change your life. 

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